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Full Version: Doctor Who vectors
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So, I bought a Wacom, pretty much purely because I can't draw but hell, I wanna draw Cybermen. Doesn't everyone?

So I've been playing around. And I have basically no idea how anything works. I am heartened though that the things I'm drawing are at least recognisably the things they're meant to be, and that despite working from photos they don't quite look like the photos they started as. That's art, right?

Anyway, for your pleasure:

Some Cybermen

[Image: path6872-9-1a.png]

Tenth Planet Cyberman, coloured

[Image: g5686a.png]

Matt Smith

[Image: mattsmith.png]

In other news . . . I am alive.
Despite the eyes in the doc looking a little off to me, it's all way better than I could manage! Here's hoping you keep practicing!
He's cross-eyed now, crossed eyes are cool
Archer Wrote:In other news . . . I am alive.

*was waiting for some time*

I second Elinox, we need more art around these areas. I'd love to be able to use a Wacom, let alone draw properly, but I've other things to be doing...*sighs*
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