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Full Version: Creator deity?
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I've been thinking about this for at least a week, now...

That is, the fact that when it was much more difficult for me to communicate verbally, this was when I was most creative in other ways. This (and probably too much "Big Bang Theory" [it's a sitcom]) led me to the idea of what if there was a Creator, but the creator was "mute" in nearly all ways possible...hence because of its incapability of explaining itself (possibly even to itself), it created an expression of itself, which just happens to be the universe as we know it.

Hm, one would have to wonder how would a Creator communicate if there was no sound to speak with, no pen to write with, no brush to paint with, no colors to paint? Surely, the whole world would've been necessary in order to even self-express; I am not sure if they would be mute or if they needed to create what we now consider easy/simple communication.
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