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I am back and running the research to determine for an article, all the fun fluff we find.

So to get the ball rolling, let's discuss what we have seen as fluff and those statements that when you see or hear them you roll your eyes and say "here we go again!"

I will go first: when the veil drops I'll...

I have been practicing psionic combat for x years.

I can read your aura accurately over the internet even though I know nothing about you and have barely met you.
I think I'm turning into a______.

I can break ____ law(s) of science/nature.

What does my *insert physical symptom here* mean?

So I p-shifted last night!
Oh those are good...

Wait... I can change my eye color in the mirror.

I have heard that one too.

I can change the shape of my pupils.

How about:

I gave birth in the astral last night.

I have an egg to give to a good elven family. (yes I heard this one -.-)

My spirit twin stole the man I love. (heard that recently too)

I just can't take science seriously.
Oh those are good.

Astral... People who claim they have free reign of the akashic records and can find out anything about anyone.

I told that guy that first he should find the exact whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and make a ton of money, and secondly that I would believe him when he told me my USA-Gymnastics instructor number.
Any talk of 'The Great Library' in the astral...especially 'working' at it.

I dreamed I was X omg I have another kintype!
"I am a goddess and the daughter of the Christian God and Avalon."
"I am a combine."
"I need to be with my significant other every minute of every day." That's generally a sign that they need to speak with a therapist whether they're otherkin or not and is really creepy.
"Humans suck. Humans are everything that is wrong with this world. I am not human because they suck."
Terro Wrote:you know it's fluff when...

- "I relate to X in book/film/game Y, so I must be X, and can't be in any way different."
- everythingis typed
liikethi5 and itsextremelyhard
- "I am so pretentious and ultra-powerful and I refuse to listen to your opinion."
- Doublethink, as Orwell would call it
- "I believed I was X all my life but I am actually Y because someone else told me I was."
Oh yeah. There is also...
"Faeries are nature loving, benevolent, have an easily understandable moral code, pretty, and shoot rainbows and glitter out of their butts." Ffs if you're going to claim to be a being from folklore at least find out something about them. Anyone who has actually bothered to read any folklore at all knows that most are very dangerous for many reasons. And if you think faeries are pretty, google the Nuckelavee. He is a faerie. Isn't he pretty?
Next thing you know, we'll hear about "vampires" claiming to sparkle.
Same with if they think animals (or specific species of animals) are always morally better than humans. I don't even know where to begin with that one.

Oh I almost forgot!
"I am *insert anime character here* ^_^"
Humans can't understand my problems and/or me.

I *hate* humans.

I'm not human!
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