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Full Version: Rain : A Reintroduction
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I disappeared from the forums a little over two years ago, then reappeared for a very brief period of time a year after. The changes that have occurred since the introduction thread made so long ago have left me quite essentially a different person and, owing to my absence that such was not witnessed directly, I feel an introduction thread -- far more current -- would be for the best. A selfish indulgence.

I have operated under the name of "Rain" for a long period of time now, even before I joined this forum if my memory serves me well. It is a name that is meant only to be read, never spoken, for the identity lies in the meaning and not the word itself.

In my off-time, I enjoy playing video games, reading (typically manga, occasionally [Ranma 1/2] fanfiction), and playing the keyboard/piano. I thought I would have more interests, actually, and to have it be summarized into three things is a bit of a shock, but... there you go.

I have a very vague aspiration to learn multiple languages for no useful reason other than to simply know them. Though the literary art is something I would appreciate growing skillful at, it remains consistently difficult and frustrating no matter my (admittedly pitiful) efforts, leaving me to pursue other less stressful activities (and thus not improve).


As far as Otherkin goes, I don't really have an idea what one would call me, and I'm not particularly interested in finding out. "It" was a non-sentient phenomena that simply ate energy that happened to come into contact with it. It was somehow supplanted into my body in an inactive state. When it became active, it began to "eat" me in its close proximity, eventually managing its way into my core, eat repressed parts of my consciousness, and basically "integrate" itself with me. There was at a time an uneven balance between us when it was no longer actively trying to consume me (it had developed to the point that it could be communicated with, among other things) and I was able to keep it at bay by erecting walls between us. I grew irritated one day about my own lack of energy-related ability and control and smashed the walls apart, literally forcing a unity between us.

And that is how "I" came to be. Through contact, I eat things. Ambient energy is absorbed naturally, and it's not something I grow interested in unless I somehow no longer become saturated in it or there are some particularly tasty samples. My <hunger> extends instead to the energy of one's <soul>, whatever you want to call it. Due to the supposed semi-fatal nature of performing such an act, however, I have been unable to sate such a desire save for the consumption of a few lingering spirits (which is thin, lacking in flavor) and an <angel>.

A picture for you, the first drawing ever done via tablet (in fact, probably my first drawing of anything in two or so years). Slightly large, so linking as opposed to directly placing it in this thread.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://oi45.tinypic.com/mcafs3.jpg">http://oi45.tinypic.com/mcafs3.jpg</a><!-- m -->

I believe this should suffice to present the overall feel.

Haaah, this post took a lot out of me...
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