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Full Version: Tips on astral activitys
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Ok so I have been able to cuddle my lover like he's here with me even though he is not. For probably a few weeks, he feels it, and I can feel his cuddles too.

If you Are also able to astral cuddle, can you try to Explain how you do it?

I just imagine myself with him in a blank space and move my Astral self however I want. It works pretty well the only issue I have with this though is it needs constant consintration (it's not to much work but still...). Which is kind of an issue when the real world needs my attension. Keep in mind I am astral cuddling ALL DAY LONG.... Even in my sleep I think.

I'm just hoping someone has a easyer way to do this.

Sorry but I don't tend to go to the astral often and never for cuddling.

Also, please watch your spelling and grammar as not all of our members are native English speakers, thanks.
Well, the first thing I would suggest is to not do it when the real world needs your attention. That's not healthy for you or your relationship. Couples don't need to cuddle all the time astrally or physically. Trust me on that.
I have out of body experiences but I never use them for thing like cuddling. I’ve used it to check on people but a shark or a sea slug can’t really cuddle someone at all. For me, I just ‘do it’ I don’t really have a technique for at all.

Why would you need to cuddle someone all day? The real world needs attention and should be priority. Plus, why are you having to “astrally cuddle” you lover?

- Earth Listener
well everyone uses it for different reasons. I use mine to do what i please.

If you dont have advice then why post?

also if i miss typed something i'm sorry. I was on a iphone.
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