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Full Version: Checking up with you all ^^
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Hey guys, well I'm 19 now and I have started to notice a lot of new things I can do.
So I thought i would check up with you guys and tell you whats new.

-I sun is unbearably bright some times, I'm not exactly sure why. (Brighter then i have ever seen it, it blinds me almost)
-My night vision is sharper now.
-I prefer to be nocturnal.... <!-- s:| --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_neutral.gif" alt=":|" title="Neutral" /><!-- s:| -->
-I find the human form a bit weird.... (probably because my soul had a similar but different body)
-Do you know old TVs and monitors that made a I pitch shrieking noise? I've heard them since I was young and now some of the noise is very loud now, it hurts almost.
-I had a incubus able to dream walk to me two nights in a row. Legit, awesome (since I'm succubus)
-my dreams are becoming very random, it's hard to explain. I've never had dreams like these before.
-One day i looked up at a thunder cloud and i could see 100's of small clear balls, they almost looked like energy balls on the bottom of the clouds. Moving around (that was cool)

Thats all for now ^^
Even if these all are not sighs of other kin or w/e I wanted to post them none the less.
I'd say that none of those things are necessarily signs of being otherkin *shrug*. As for your vision being sharper...unless you get your eyes examined and they have improved since the last time you can't truly say your vision has improved...anyway plenty of people's eyesight improves over time just as some declines and some declines and then improves.
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