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Full Version: Long story short
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This is something I've discussed a lot elsewhere. Basically, my inner, centaur self has been getting restless. For illustrative purposes, the way I see the self can be described like this: at the core of who and what I am is my soul. That's the definition of me. That speaks with my subconscious mind, which speaks with my conscious mind and my body. Right now, in my soul I'm depressed about my current situation, and it's unpleasant. Basically, in my soul I don't want to be in this position, and that part of me is being all annoying about it.

I bring this up because in an effort to let my inner self get some exercise, I've been working on dream recall. First I wanted to work on astral projection, but I wanted to lead into that with lucid dreaming, and I had to lead into that with dream recall. That's why I called this post "long story short;" I'm condensing weeks of discussion into this topic.

Anyhoo, I've remembered one significant dream so far. I was on a cruise ship, doing some sort of card game battle. It was sort of like Yugioh (the show) in that the card battle had actual, real world consequences. I was leading my team, and we won, but after the battle I went to the captain and told him I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. I've done some thinking on the meaning of this dream, but I'd like to know what others think.
Was this during a specific dream recall session?

I don't tend to put much stock in my dreams, but if this was an intentional look into dreams, then perhaps there's something significant in the dream you need to focus on. How did the dream make you feel? Was there anything else that stood out to you? Like the stuff on the cards specifically, etc?
Actually, the one thing that really stood out is that I was LEADING my team. I'm not usually very good at leading teams, and I would never take on such a position unless it was something I was REALLY confident about.
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