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Full Version: Faries or Pixies
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Bella Wrote:ahh so you just feel their presence huh? (: i think i only seen them once or twice also, now that i remember, it was when i was little, and me and my family were camping one time near the woods, and while in the cabin, i looked out my window because i couldnt sleep, i saw this small little fluttering white light just floating there for a bit, then went back down, but im not too sure if it really was a fairy :/ i just figured it could have been one (:

Interesting. Wouldn't be surprised.
Something about children attracts the Fae.
Or makes them less hesitant to hide themselves, at the very least.
Could have been a FireFly.
it wasnt a firefly, i have seen them before and it wasnt a firefly believe me Tongue the flickering light was way too bright and large, it was a white-ish color XD but who knows, it could have been something else. i guess the reason why we have more connections to these sort of things when we are little is because we are still innocent, and open to things, and plus we usually have our guard down most of the time, so it makes fairies and other beings more comfortable showing themselves to us <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
I've been around plenty of energy that i classify as 'fae."

I have never seen little naked girls with bug wings OR little green men. I honestly have to say that i doubt their existence and I feel they are romantic inventions. I am open to further experience though.

I am fae by the way, Sidhe specifically. Human sized, lacking wings.

I was once into faery wicca, My stint also had me on meditative journies to 'faeland" to visit kings and queens. But then i wondered. Why would they always be there? Am i to believe they sit there all the time just waiting for a kisma K Stepanich disciple to tromp along with questions? I began to feel insulted by the thought, that being that fae are just at the beck and call of budding faery wiccans.

I also then had to note that the book told me EXACTLY what i was supposed to see, which really put a damper on the idea of having any real, objective experience.

So i threw the books away
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