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Full Version: Dream Consciousness and Reality.
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On some occasions I have been lucid and aware in dreams and just about every other time I seem to be.."dazed" and I wonder why this is. Recently I had contact with someone from my..life? I got the feeling I'm close to them.. anyway I realized I was in a dark, pseudo-laboratory type setting and it seemed like this person had "summoned" me there somehow and I was for some reason speaking about my recent thoughts on my situation here..perhaps they had prompted this earlier and I had forgotten..or perhaps my dream-conscioussness had realized the significance of this situation and just began speaking, I am not very certain on that part.
While this was going on however, they were alerted to some equipment or workstation in the room and attended to it but then I started to fade out of the scene before waking entirely. This prompted alot of questions for me regarding said nature of reality as well.. was it indded another dreamscape or was my consciousness indeed summoned to their location via some technological means.. I am fascinated by this..it made me think "Quantum Leap" to an extent or perhaps "Matrix" which is one of my prevailing theories at the moment and now I'm wondering.. if that was "real" then why was I still not in the same consciousness as I am at present? A possibility that occurred to me is that.. perhaps I too often take for granted that this physical existence, this "realm" for lack of a better word is only a fraction of what is going on around us.. perhaps incarnation retards our perceptions in such a way that we can not readily "tune-in" to the outside world and what we call "spiritual-sensitivity" and "lucid-dreaming" are in fact just this, discloistering our minds from the limited scope of this world's nature.

Alot of this is nothing new I realize, but things like this tend to give me more perspective and more to explore.. similar experiences to this, anyone?
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