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I'm new to the board; I've been looking through the articles and old threads so I don't re-post a common question, but there's a lot to get through, so sorry if some of the stuff I ask has been addressed multiple times! Still getting the hang of this.

Ok, so...

Dragons, demons etc are readily recognized by most cultures of the world. Their physical and non physical attributes may vary continent to continent, but they're there. Not so with say... Elephants.
I think my question is more directed to the kin who have 'physical archetypes' (still unsure of what wording to use, is there a glossary here?).
In a hypothetical situation where we had access to data that told us the birthplace and correct species of all other kin living today (or even in the past) do you think there would be a geographical correlation with the indigenous animals? In a place where there are no wolves, could there be therians? Or panthers? Or elephants in Canada?
Geographic location seems to have little to nothing to do with what someone identifies as. Afterall, people identify with extinct species now and again. I'm pretty sure someone on werelist.com did a study of a sort among the membership as to geographic location vs. theriotype and found no correlation.
Since we are dealing with soul stuff here the most geography might affect things is how easily you might find a name to give the form you feel you are. And that's only if you are considering on a planetary scale. With 'Kin you might believe yourself to be something not even of this world as well. It could be life from another planet, plain of existence or alternate universe. Since souls may not even be tied to one place except when inhabiting an physical body.
That had crossed my mind too; that people would tend to be able to relate to things they were familiar with. I imagine this sometimes causes people to get their species wrong?
Russ Wrote:I imagine this sometimes causes people to get their species wrong?

Quite true.

When I was in first grade, and looooooong before I even knew of 'Kin, I was all about Dinos. I could tell you just about anything you'd ask and I use to tell stories of how I really was one. However, once I discovered Dragons that all went flying out the window in no time. But it makes sense. A Dino was the closest thing to what I felt that I knew about it.
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