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Full Version: Awkward shifts
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For those of us who experience shifts, (mental, phantom etc...) when or where has been the most awkward time or place that you've shifted?

I can think of a few pretty retarded examples ~ a few months ago I had an appointment to have my hair trimmed and let's just say having your hair cut when you can feel phantom ears and you're in a dog mindset isn't the nicest thing in the world. And feeling phantom limbs when you're in a public place, like when you're sitting on a bus. Ergh!
I basically always experience some sort of phantom limb, but I can't say that it's been awkward so much as strange trying to figure out just what I'm feeling...like when I worked at an aquarium and was wondering what I was feeling poking out of my neck..and then I looked at the axolotls and the gills that branch out from the sides of their heads and had an "ah ha" moment.
Seraphyna Wrote:like when I worked at an aquarium and was wondering what I was feeling poking out of my neck..

I had the weirdest mental image when I read that! Have you ever felt any kind of phantom tail, and would you say it felt similar to that, only on your neck?
Not exactly. They weren't heavy...axolotls are aquatic critters, so it could be the sensation it would have if one was submerged.
I've gotten axolotl gills a couple of times too. I used to have one named Widget in a tank in my bedroom, and if I concentrated on her I'd get gills.
The only time I ever get awkward shiftiness is when I can feel my fangs and I'm at school.
I don't mind them.
In fact, I love feeling them.
They change my mind set a bit, though.
But worse yet they alter my speech.
I have enough speech issues as is, I dun need more.
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Not really awkward, just inconvenient.
I need to have myself in check when I shift because when I do I tend to growl and roar a lot which isn't really good.
Well, for me it's good but for others..
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