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Full Version: Angel dream...or memory?
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So if any of you have read my intro, you know I believe myself to be angelic, but don't have a whole lot of actual memories to back it up. Well I just woke up from a dream and decided to go ahead and post while it was fresh in my mind. I'm sorry if the way it's written is confusing, I didn't really think, I just typed so that I could get it all out. I was just curious as to others' take on this dream and if you think it could be memories or if you think it may have any specific meanings. Also, not sure if this is relevant but I just got a new stone, a moonstone, which I slept with in my pillow to sort of infuse it with my energy and because I've been told it helps with insomnia.

I was an angel. In love with another angel, one higher in rank than myself. Obviously as angels, we were bound to our duties and couldn't really be together openly. He came to me one day, and we snuck around as we did we wanted time together, and he asked me if I was tired of my duties and if I wanted a chance to be with him openly. He said he had a way to get us out of here. I was reluctant but loved him and wanted to be with him so much so I agreed. I almost remember there being a third "person" trying to escape with us but I'm not sure. We were on our way to some new land when I was attacked by a creature who ripped my wings off and left a wound on the bottom of the right side of my face. I remember laying there half dead but my love saved me. Next thing I remember is waking up and he was soothing me and telling me we were almost there and it was gonna be okay. When we got there, he (and possibly this third person) had gone off to do some sort of work or something to benefit us while I laid at "home" to recover. I remember crawling out of bed (which was more like a table) and looking the mirror and seeing where the wounds once were, which was now a flat, pink shiny scar on my face and back, it almost looked like a burn. I remember a couple more random bits and pieces but I'm not sure where they fit...I remember feeling a lack of identity and looking up at him and asking him what I was now and he said he wasn't sure. I remember not quite understanding the language of this new place. I felt so weak and so vulnerable. The only thing that made it feel worth it was when he was around because I loved him so much.
The thing about dreams is that, 99% of the time, they're what I like to refer to as "subconscious mind vomit"...that is, they're how your subconscious mind works out your current life while you sleep. They tend to be highly symbolic and personal so that it's virtually impossible for someone else to tell you what the dream means (if anything). The other 1% of dreams fall into the "real" category...that is to say that they're either past life memories that surface during sleep, precognitive dreams, etc. I'd keep a dream journal and keep track of your dreams so that if common themes, images, "people," etc. pop up, you can try and make sense of it. Also, I'd say if this same dream keeps coming back in part or in whole, it could very well fall into that 1%.
describe what you and he looked like in this angelic form
Yeah, I understand dreams and very personal and often just your subconscious mind. I didn't mean to come off as saying "tell me what this is", but sometimes other people can point out little things you might have missed or sometimes they'll say something that will trigger something I may have forgotten. Most of the time my dreams are pretty easy for me to "figure out", the ones that are fluff are always pretty easy to weed out, but this one just seemed different. It felt very real and very familiar. And in a way, it fits with the experiences I've had in this life and previous ones.
boyd Wrote:describe what you and he looked like in this angelic form
I honestly wish I could remember those details but I can't. I didn't see myself in the dream until near the end, when I looked in the mirror.
The storyline of forbidden love is really common, it can be from anywhere really.
The loss of wings and feeling of being weak may be related to feeling as if you you're not entirely in control of your life, that life's bigger and scarier and more of a challenge than you anticipated. Add to it the kin identity and the sense of loss can be amplified.
There's also that "who am I?" element there.
It's a question we all ask ourselves, sooner or later, or rather... often.
Maybe you're not sure of your place in this world, your identity as a human being and member of society.
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