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Full Version: Your energy smells funny.
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I work with analogies. I think in analogies. It's near impossible for me to explain things without analogies. So here we go:

You, right now, as a human being, have your own, distinct, personal odor. It may be strong, weak, flowery, garlic-y, whatever. You may pour it out when you sweat, or not, but it's there. Someone with an awesome nose who is familiar with you can probably pick your dirty clothes out of a pile of a bunch of peoples' dirty clothes. You could take two identical black shirts and have two different people wear them and you'd still be able to tell who wore which one unless you have a crappy nose.

But here's the deal: most people are used to their own scent. You may be working up nothing more than a light sweat, but to another person, you may reek. Someone else might even be turned on by the smell. But most people, working, playing, going about their day-to-day business, are entirely used to their own scent that they don't even realize it's there until they've sweated their ass off.

Can we compare this to energy? There have been several times I didn't even realize my energy was different until someone had pointed it out to me. Some people are appalled or repelled by the way my personal energy is, while others are attracted to it. But I'm never seriously aware of it unless I'm working with it hardcore.

I dunno if this is something that everyone does. I'm sure some people will state that they're always aware of their own energy, etc, but hell, it took me ages just to figure out that hey, I'm giving off the same "scent" or "energy" that I spot in fae all the time. I was aware I had energy, I was aware that my energy was a bit different, but it was like being an orange, looking at other oranges, and calling myself an apple. Eventually I just looked in the metaphysical mirror, so to speak.

Anyone else with similar experiences? Has anybody suddenly came to a conclusion that their energy "reeked" or was "pleasantly nice" to someone else? XD
I've never been aware of having an energy "type" that is typical of incarnate angels. Maybe it's the polymorph bit. Anyway, what I am aware of is that I have a lot of it and that my energetic field is quite extensive. I've had some fun with a friend and dowsing rods and trying to contract and extend my energy and see what happens. I also have a friend who "sees" energy as color and has seen two predominant colors for me. One when I was in winged humanoid mode and one with what I term "gargoyle" (and those are the two forms I believe are defaults for myself).
I don't really work with energy, but the scent/energy analogy was something I understand, being one of those folks with an extra keen nose. I agree that along with individual scent people would tend to have individual energy flavors/scents, just makes sense in my mind.

However, most of the people I hang out with are not energy-wise in the least so I've never been told if my energy is good or bad. Just once when someone told me that I was like a battery with never-ending energy (I've heard that therians in particular have high energy levels and that they tend to give off excess energy naturally.). I would love it if someone said something about my energy and how it "smelled" though!
I have something like this though I would relate it more to vibration/touch........my energy "sense" seems more like sonar/radar or sensing "fields".... and I get impressions that I relate to other things..like one might feel dark/dense, another might be muddy/earthy and another foresty....and sometimes I will pass energies that e'scent'ially(eheh) make me want to vomit in disgust.... these impressions are useful for me when deciding on impressions of people/things and whether they seem "trustworthy" or compatible and such without having to waste time talking to get that info.
My husband senses people, all people, this way. He doesn't think of it as a true scent, like the kind that you would experience with your nose, but its the only way he can interpret people. Sometimes people just make him think they stink, and sometimes they're extra nummy smelling.

I tend to be drawn toward people who identify as other, for some reason. It's ... kinda like a beacon or like a magnetism. I also think people have different flavors, but that's usually only when I'm actively trying to feed off a specific person. As far as my own energy goes, I too have to have it pointed out to me. I can sometimes go internal and begin to manipulate my own energy and identify it and all that, but it takes quite a bit more effort than playing with another person's energy.
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