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Full Version: Phantom Body Overlay
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I tend to think that there are several possible causes for winged wolves (or winged any other animal normally without wings in real life). The wings may actually be a natural part of someone’s theriotype, the extra wingedness may be caused by a second theriotype or even perhaps is totemic in nature, or its just a common/constant cameo shift of sorts.

WolfVanZandt Wrote:Just for the heck of it, I'll give you my pet theory.

Many Therians have subtle bodies that they perceive - for instance, they might feel a tail (to the point that, if they sit on it wrong or too long, it hurts), or ears, or an entire wolf body. I believe that the Therian phantom is equivalent to the shaman's power body.

The posture of the phantom is influenced by the posture of the physical body - in other words, the signals from both bodies tend to interfere and become mixed. That means that the phantom body resembles a Hollywood type werewolf because the upright posture of the Human body is influencing the perception of the four-footed Wolf phantom. The only time I ever experience a purely wolf phantom is when I'm not in touch at all with my physical body (sensory deprivation, deep dreaming, and deep shamanic travel).

I know this is slight off topic, but I’m curious - then what is your take on people who experience full phantom bodies which do not match up with the human body in an upright manner on a fairly regular basis; meaning the phantom body walking, swimming, or such in the shadow of the physical one?

- Earth Listener
Aye, interesting - like dolphin theriotypes.

If my theory is correct (and I wouldn't be dogmatic about it), then I would say that the fact that the phantom isn't perceived as an overlay of the physical body (as in my case) decouples it from the physical body so that the human posture doesn't affect it strongly (or not at all). Now, a winged dolphin would definitely put a monkeywrench into my theory.

Your "hybrid" theory makes sense to me also since I've known people with that kind of "blended" theriotype.
A winged dolphin therian, now that would be something to see…

Ya, for me my physical posture does effect my phantom body (whether I actually really feel it or not walking/swimming with me along with my constant phantom ears, tail, gills on my physical body at any given time) its just that they are given a natural animal equivalent motion - if I’m sitting in a chair I may feel my wolf body sitting on its haunches like any real wolf would in the chair as well, if I set my arms on a desk while sitting I might feel my front legs setting along the desk straight forward in a non-anthropomorphic fashion, if I grab onto a door handle I may feel my shark jaw grab onto and turn its head to ‘open’ the door, and so on.

Then again that every well may just be me and how my non-physical body works in connection to my physical one. Your theory certainly is an interesting one on one of the possible connections to phantom sensations though.
Split as this could turn into an interesting discussion in its own right. <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->

And as a side note, when I've experienced phantom sensations of this nature, it feels odd when compared to my human body. Simply because walking is not the same as swimming through air.

I believe this could be a valid reason as to why there are so few aquatic therians; it's hard to experience even a phantom shift when you have two legs instead of a tail and fins!
Thanks, Elinox, I was beginning to think that this might be a very interesting topic.

I agree feeling yourself swimming through air is certainly odd. Perhaps one reason why I’ve only ever experience traits like gills, quills, and lateral lines for shark is because everything else to far to alien to a-line with the physical human body.
One must remember that the energy-body may have the tendency to take a shape, but it is still easily moved by the mind of the person who has it.

Wings can easily be added on, symbolic of a desire for freedom, or merely a symptom of back and/or shoulder-ache.

Just noting.
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