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Full Version: Hey Archer
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Have you ever read any of the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz? I ask because they have these shadow things in them. Only this guy named "odd" can see them. They start to show up when there's going to be death.

Anyone else read any odd Thomas Stuff?
I've never read a word of Dean Koontz, partly because I don't read much popular fiction and partly because ads for Dean Koonts books always look so spectacularly awful and pulpy and "holiday reading" that they actively turn me off.

The concept of Odd Thomas does sound intriguing though, so I might pick it up.
I haven't read any other Koontz, but I found odd Thomas to be worth a read.
I've read Odd Thomas, and I own Forever Odd, although I've not had time to dig it out and read it just yet (my personal library has nearly 900 books).
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