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Full Version: Finding the latest posts
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IIRC, before we switched themes to Getaway Darkblue, we could generally find the most recent few days' posts by clicking Active Topics. Now, it brings up zero results. View New Posts gives us at least something, frequently, but we'd found by comparing notes with thetwins that we weren't seeing [i]all[/i[ of the new posts.

Has anyone noticed the same problem with either of those search types? How is Active Topics working (or not working) for anyone else using Getaway Darkblue?

i usually use "new posts", and it works fine. perhaps clear all your cookies and temporary internet files? (i know, default answer, but it helps so very often!)

however, i doubt that the style has any influence on these functions.
Didn't think it would, but it was the only change recently and wasn't sure if you might have made other updates in the meantime. I will leave the cookies in an unmarked tin on the doorstep...

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