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Full Version: Really Weird Apocalyptic Dream (Vision?)
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I had a dream a while ago about what I assume is part of the end of the world. At the time I had the dream, I did not know any specific locations, no names of any places or events. And any similarities to the movie “2012” are completely coincidental, as I had this dream long before I saw the first trailer for the film.

I was standing on a sidewalk on a bridge, over a rushing river where people were surfing the currents and swimming. Low concrete and dirt walls reinforced the banks of the river, and children sat on the ledges, watching the older swimmers having fun. Suddenly, the sky turned dark, though it was a day without clouds. The ground began to shake, and the river began to bubble and boil. People screamed as the hot water and steam hit their bare skin. A building behind me caught on fire as gas lines exploded, and I rushed into the smoking building to see if I could help anyone trapped inside. As the flames grew worse and I felt the heat beat against my body, I woke up.

I assumed this dream was just another one of my numerous dreams of destruction and death. But I was watching a Travel Channel special on Germany (which is what I usually do on the days I don’t have school) and I saw a shot of the Eisbach River in Germany, a destination for many surfers and swimmers. The water was there, the bridge was there, the low stone and dirt walls were there, even the building behind the bridge was there. It was all there, in near-perfect detail. Curious, I started looking around online, wondering if the destruction I saw was also possible. And it turns out that Laacher See, a potentially active volcanic caldera (also in Germany) is capable of VEI-6 eruptions (severe), and potentially capable of VEI-7 and VEI-8 eruptions (so-called “super eruptions”)…keep in mind that the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens here in the USA was on the lower end of a VEI-5. A large enough eruption could cause earthquakes for hundreds of miles in any direction, and could potentially cause pockets of scalding hot gas to rise up and burst in rivers and lakes.
It was…all very frightening, as this is the first dream I’ve had that I’ve been able to research to such a degree.

[Image: river3.jpg]

[Image: river2.jpg]

[Image: river1.jpg]

These are all pictures of the Eisbach River. Almost exactly like what was in my dream.

I'm pretty weirded out by it all, even though the dream was about a year ago. It still makes me think along the lines of "zomg wtf".
It will probably come true, and it may not be at the end of the world. There may be an eruption soon, or it may not happen in your lifetime. Most of these type of dreams that I have come true in less time than a year, though the longest between a dream and the the event that I've seen was about 4 years. So keep your eyes open. I know one person who had a dream of the attack on the Twin Towers 20 years before it happened. What are some of the other dreams you've had? And have any of them happened?
This is actually the first dream I've ever been able to research like this. Most of my other dreams are a lot of paranormal stuff 'n nonsense (or dreams about me getting up and going about my day, in which case I wake up and panic that I've overslept).
And I'm fully willing to accept that this is yet another stuff 'n nonsense dream.
But it was just so...freaky...
Excluding some bizarre geologically unprecedented occurence, there should be some kind of advanced warning.

However, what i read stated that the Eisbach is a man made river in Munich. Munich is a long ways that caldera. the caldera is thought to have been caused by a mantle plume. Thats the thing that they tend to blame for Hot spots like Hawaii and yellowstone.

Given the distance, my bachelor's program opinion is that the two places wouldn't likely have related volcanic activity. Continental drift isn't fast enough to place the plume under Munich now given that the last eruption was only 12,900 kya.

So there'd have to be a whole new plume, which is possible, but would also draw attention.
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