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I was told today that as often as 3 times lately that I have been speaking demonically in my sleep. My girlfriend has spent quite a bit of her life studying Wicca. She said she woke up to see part of myself standing beside the bed and looking down at myself. Soon after this, she heard me speaking something she recognized as demonic. I expect that what she heard was something of my body acting like a "walkie talkie" for what I was saying elsewhere.

I say that she saw part of me because she saw my torso but not my head... Weird stuff.

This is not a big surprise to me, but I intend to buy her a digital recorder for hose late night chats.
That's interesting, but how did she know it was demonic? Couldn't it have been gibberish or even just mumbling? Sounds kind of freaky though!
Really just echoing Elinox on this one – but I'll add a bit more so I don't feel like I am just adding a +1 comment to the thread.

The night talking occurring three times does not seem too significant – if it were intrusive (such as spending a long time speaking) then I would imagine you would have been told after the first. Likewise, one's perceptions can be a little skewed when sleeping with another body in the bed; I know that when I am awoken, or still trying to fall asleep,the little movements of the other person/people in the bed can feel like they drag on forever, even if realistically it is only a very short duration.

The next part is where I get hung up a bit. I know next to nothing of Wicca, but the inclusion of the information that your girlfriend has studied it seems to convey that it is relevant to the situation. And, I may be incorrect in what little meager information I have, but my perception of Wicca was that it did not deal with demons/demonology as a core teaching. Regardless, I wouldn't trust someone that had been practicing Goetic magic for a long period of time to know what demons sound like.

Matched with that, depending on what one's perception of a demon is, being able to make “demonic” sounds with a human vocal range may be flat out impossible.

Goes without saying, I think, that dream induced mumbling matched with perceptions blurred by being close to sleep, or roused from sleep, seems more likely.
She said that the whole tone of my voice changed, as if it weren't me speaking at all. My girlfriend has spent a lot of her life studying and feels that you can't fully protect yourself unless you know light and dark.

It is also is entirely possible that what she heard wasn't exactly demonic and I was merely speaking to an angel that had come to talk to me.

I am sure I have talked in my sleep more often but she has only been aware of three times.
Hook a cheap mic up to your computer, get some dictation software, and set it to record when anything goes above whatever volume is most useful. (I recently had to do this thanks to something decidedly not-supernatural. It's amazing how things quieten down when you point out that every move and word is being recorded and archived . . . but I digress!)

It could be a lot of things.

It could be sleeptalking, which can sometimes be very weird.

It could be your girlfriend imagining things or dreaming them and later remembering them as real.

It could be some kind of interaction with another being.

From what you've said, though, it just sounds like something worth recording - not something sensible to speculate about.
I plan on getting a digital voice recorder as soon as I can get enough money scraped together. I must admit, I find the prospect of my talking in my sleep to be very intriging.
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