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I putted the "excess" matter from the other thread together with what I've been learning about vampirism, and came to the thought of that fae can maybe have a natural strong necessity of feeding from a specific kind of energy.
For what I know, fae are strongly connected to creativity and pleasure, as in, we're "fueled" by that. That's a constant need. When I'm not exercizing my creativity, or talking to creative people, learning new things, discovering new ideas, seeing good art, or even daydreaming, or "feeding" myself with "creative energy" in anyway, I feel pretty down and energyless. It's compared to a strong hunger, which I think I could call craving.
This energy I can also find in any kind of beautiful or inspiring things, or in Nature. Well, I think we could say it's basicly Inspiration of any sort.

When not "fed", I feel lifeless, depressed, uneasy, blocked, physically weak, sleepy, and there it goes.

I've noticed this pattern in me and the other fae chicks I know. I'd like to know if there's other Fae who does, or doesn't, identify with that, or can add anything on that.

Anyway that all makes me think of the Leanan Sidhe, who would be faeries that take human lovers that would have a highly inspired, but short life. And the whole idea of a Muse.

(sorry, as always, if I sound confuse. It seems that my brain gets more damaged by the second.)
*nod* We and others have noticed a general pattern of non-therian Otherkin having an energy deficiency, and therians having an excess of energy. Not all, but a lot.

We've had long-running energy issues, some of them connected to having depression, but others not really showing a correlation to that. Before, we'd feed off of groups of people engaged in something creative, whether it was by the standard artistic definition or something else. Imagination and excitement seemed to be the keys. For a while, it seemed like a particular type of crystal called nirvana quartz provided enough energy by itself but we think it was just similar enough to fake out our energy-system for a while and then that stopped working.

Probably a couple months ago, we met a lady whose kintype description matches up with ours a lot and she helped us set up a tap into our race's collective energetic essence. So far, it's working reeeeally effing good.

So those are the things that feed us. We've been medically evaluated for every other cause for the lethargy, in conjunction with our quest to find out why we couldn't (and still often can't, bleeping depression) sleep, and come up totally negative except for the depression. It's still possible that accounts for the lethargy and these other things are just boosting our mood or providing a placebo effect; we haven't yet done any experiments to try to prove that the energy feeding is or isn't fixing the lethargy through its direct effects. (I'd think we would need at least one other person to help, anyway, who can handle the energy type in question...set up a condition in which we can be fed a placebo without knowing. That would take some work.)

-Mireiyu (one of a group of long-term visitors joining House Hesson, all of us of the "elf" type that most of them are)
I've felt that way since I can remember, and have also been medically evaluated for another causes for weakness, all negative. Apparently everything's ok with me physically, except for the diagnosted depression.
I've always had depression for what I know, but when I recall it while being a child, it was less deep, cause as a child I was much more in contact with creative energy flowing freely. As we grow up, issues develop... we're blocked in so many ways and it's harder to find a way to let that energy flow freely enough to keep us fed all the time. The adult world is not very much designed to allow creative expressions, so I feel I always have to struggle through that, and I never gather enough energy to pass on a long time. I get tired, it ends up blocking again in an endless cycle.
On the contrary, I think the adult world is very much geared towards creativity. Professional writers, artists etc are overwhelmingly adult. An adult with a job usually has at least one day or several evenings which they can devote to their own pursuits, so even if employment in itself doesn't give a creative output, most adults can spend a little money and a weekend whenever they like writing, drawing, expressing themselves.
Isn't being creative and expressing ourselves to world need for a lot of people?

Try looking at A. Maslow's hierararchy of needs.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s ... y_of_needs</a><!-- m -->

At the top of pyramid is creativity too. You just have all things below accoplished and you are striving to do something more meaningful.
Maslow's pyramid is criticisable.
I mean, starving children don't have their physiological needs met and they still have love and family.
And in certain cultures people who are religious leaders will deliberately choose not to fulfill their lower two tier levels of needs and still meet all of the upper three.

So yeah... it's not like it's "always" applicable.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs implies a lot of things that are patently obviously not true.

People who have always been in great physical danger, for example, are quite capable of prioritising the "self-actualisation" needs. The whole theory is also rather nebulous and not supported by empirical evidence. IMO, of course <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
I got your point.

But still, it has to be some kind of general model, generalization of so many different people needs will not be accurate. What I wanted to say with objection to this model is that need for creativity is not so special.
Creativity is valued in some aspects in the life of an adult, and not in others. Sure, everyone likes if you have new ideas, but not too new, you know - you can't get too far away of the common sense or of what people expects from you. It's not like everyone's saying "oh, please be creative, do different things, change something, create something!". No. They just want you to do your job and live your normal life.
Anyway, there are different levels of "need for creativity". Normally people are satisfied with exporadic expressions. What I was trying to say is about a constant need to feed from it. If I'm not living in abundance of creative energy, swimming on it, then something will be missing.
Every adult wants "something" to change.

Sure, people are expected to show common sense in their creativity (An igloo is not a viable home in the tropics.) but that's hardly an attempt to stunt the creative flow. If anything, if we've got limitations on what's possible, we are being asked to be "more" creative and to do "more" thinking when we got a problem to seek solutions to.
It's like building a house.
If there are no limitations on materials available and viable, and no limitations of space nor purpose for the house, then the first thing that comes to mind is probably gonna be what we build. But if we have limitations of materials, space and purpose, then more creativity is required to design a house that meets all the limitations.
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