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Full Version: Non-combat Energy Manipulation-Recovery
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(I wrote this in the magic section. I was asked to put it up here. Feel free to respond to this)

All right, here is what I can give. For the purposes of this, I am going to go through this very easy, or as easy as I can. A little reference for a term though. The life energy I refer to, I am calling it chakra. Some may call what I am refering to as just energy, or aura or something else. Here goes nothing.

Channeling basic #1:
To begin, I would get comfortable. Either be in a quiet place, or some soft music if you need some kind of sound. Once you start to feel like you are in a meditative mood, begin to focus on your body. How it feels. What is relaxed. What is tense. Maybe even what is hurting. Soon, begin to picture the flow of chakra in your body. Imagine the veins of energy that flow through your body and around your organs and in through your limbs. Look at where your energy flows at this point. Look at the speed and intensity that the energy is at. Once you can see it and feel it, you are ready for the next step.

Step #2:
Now that you can feel and see your chakra moving throughout your body, it is time to learn to focus that energy. Once you are back into seeing and feeling, begin to change the flow of the chakra and focus it into one limb. I started with my writing arm, which was my right. Start with whichever you wish. Begin to fill that one limb with chakra, diverting energy from say your legs (if you are sitting, they dont need that much. If you are lying down, then you can take it from more places since your body is rested without any need to hold anything up). Soon, your limb should begin to feel heavier, or your muscles will start to feel like they are buldging. This is the buildup of energy. There is no need to think that your limb is going to explode. The chakra is still flowing to the rest of the body, just not as much or as fast. When you are satisfied with how much is built up, SLOWLY begin to work the chakra back into it normal circulation. Warning: DO NOT DO THIS ALL AT ONCE!!! You must work it slowly back since this is both your first time doing this, and that you dont want to damage anything like releasing a dam on a river. Practice this for a while, get used to focusing your chakra into this or other parts of your body.

Step #3 (The recovery process):
Now that you have practiced channeling your chakra into parts of your body, I would like to talk about an advanced part of this technique that I developed myself. The other two steps were created by a friend of mine that he taught me. There are two types of recovery I will cover-physical (Short of true cuts and wounds) and metaphysical.

Step#3, Part 1, Physical Recovery:
Ideally, you want to do this after a fight, not during. As an example, let us assume that you have just came from a sparring match with your partner and you are sore and maybe slightly bruised. Go through step one while laying down and then begin step two, but with a slightly different purpose. Assume that you have been hit many times in your left shoulder and bicep and it is hurting you something awful. Here is what I do, maybe this will work for you, you will have to adapt it for yourself. Channel the chakra into your arm, but only focus on the shoulder and bicep. While your forearm is not getting the chakra, it still works for circulation. In your mind, imagine that the chakra is first absorbing the pain and the hurt muscle of your shoulder and bicep. Once the energy has built up, begin to do one of two things. Either slowly move the energy into your forearm...then into your hand. Once into your hand, begin to almost push the energy out of your physical hand, taking the pain with it. This will not get rid of all of the pain in the first try, but it is possible to use this technique to do get rid of the pain over a few tries.

Step #3, Part 2, Metaphysical recovery:
This part is slightly more difficult because this is under the impression that your chakra stores have been depleted. I do not know how well this will work for others, but feel free to attempt it and practice it. Again, lay down and begin step one. Take special care to see how much chakra is left within your body and any reserves that you may have. Next is more of a different version of step two. Instead of focusing your energy into one part of your body, you want to attempt to focus your energy into an equal level throughout your body. When you have gotten to where you believe the chakra is at this stage, attempt to speed up the circulation steadily. The increasing circulation will begin to generate an increase in your body's natural recovery of spiritual energy. Slowly, you should begin to feel more energized and soon, you will notice that your chakra will slowly begin to be replaced and work as normal. Once your chakra has been recovered, slowly begin to slow your chakra back to normal and thus, you have recovered.

Well, this is the best I can do with describing my technique for non combat chakra manipulation. In a little while, after everyone has read this, I will discuss raising defense in a combat situation or just for other instances.

This is relevant to my interests.
Is it strange that I have to START a chakra flow in order to do the first step?
It may be how I worded it, but you dont start the flow...you just try and see your natural flow that is already occuring.
What about those of us who don't have channels or a real 'flow', but rather a swirling amorphous 'blob' of energy throughout the body?
Shiari Wrote:What about those of us who don't have channels or a real 'flow', but rather a swirling amorphous 'blob' of energy throughout the body?

That's pretty much my problem. While my energy still has the same restraints as my body, it doesn't really follow a set pattern.
Same here, actually.
Hmm...I see what you may mean. Let me see what I can figure out.
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