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Full Version: Demons hate to look at themselves..
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I tend to ignore mirrors. The only reason I don’t care to look at myself really in this body is because I am male and this body is female and that bugs me. Otherwise, I have no problem with looking at myself in a mirror. If I was in my real form I think I still wouldn’t mind looking at myself in a mirror, but I’ll admit I do air on the side of being a bit vain at times.

Of course, mirrors have been imbued with so many properties over the years from repealing spirits to attracting them to capturing them and so on. I guess, the original idea was “sense demons are evil they couldn’t stand to look at upon their own evil nature” but of course that doesn’t seem to work out really well in reality for a number of reasons. One being I don’t ascribe to Judeo-Christian ideas either for my identity or my own religion, and for another I don’t see myself as evil.

- Kardegray
my body is male and I'm female so I hate looking at my self in the mirror and being a kitsune with a wolf theriotype I somehow don't think it's simply a demon thing lol
I completely agree, people tell me I'm pretty and I despise looking at myself.
WhiteFox Wrote:How much do the various cultural references and ideas (there are several; off the top of my head I'm thinking of European and Asian ideas of demons, but there's bound to be plenty of other ones to discuss) influence and/or match up with your own experiences as a demon?
I mainly identify as a demon because of the associations with chaos and darker natures.
You could trap me with a mirror because I would get distracted. <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue --> Vanity yay!
Archer Wrote:From a theological perspective, I would say that "demons hate to look at themselves" memes are entirely the result of "demons are evil, evil does not like to admit it is evil, therefore demons to not like to look at themselves."

In other words it's a metaphor for how people can deny their own hypocrasy, and nothing whatsoever to do with "demons" as the word is used by otherkin.

Very nice, thank you.

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