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Heya, Dreama, please post an introduction down in the Introduction section.

Dreama Wrote:I also wonder if the air is thinner, or the planet's mass is smaller, because some of my shifts involve me feeling very light, as if a wind could blow me away.

Is it possible that this type of winged canine has hollow bones, like Earth birds, to aid in flying?
Actually, I do think my bones may be hollow. But I'm not sure that's enough to get me into the air.
Just for the heck of it, I'll give you my pet theory.

Many Therians have subtle bodies that they perceive - for instance, they might feel a tail (to the point that, if they sit on it wrong or too long, it hurts), or ears, or an entire wolf body. I believe that the Therian phantom is equivalent to the shaman's power body.

The posture of the phantom is influenced by the posture of the physical body - in other words, the signals from both bodies tend to interfere and become mixed. That means that the phantom body resembles a Hollywood type werewolf because the upright posture of the Human body is influencing the perception of the four-footed Wolf phantom. The only time I ever experience a purely wolf phantom is when I'm not in touch at all with my physical body (sensory deprivation, deep dreaming, and deep shamanic travel).

I suspect that the wings many Therians feel is sensations arising from the physical shoulder blades of the material body.
Twilight Wrote:I also have heard of wolf-dragons: large furry wolf body, clawed and scaled "paws," a club-like tail, and dragon-like wings.

I'm a wolf/dragon. Though I don't have scaled paws or a club-like tail. I'm just a regular wolf with dragon wings.

It seems fairly common for winged wolves to appear in the community. And by that I mean wolves with feathered wings instead of dragon wings. I've only met two or three others that are like me and are some kind of wolf/dragon hybrid.

I consider myself to be therian more so than otherkin, most likely polytherian due to my having three different forms that have a tendency to blend together. For the most part I'm an arctic wolf. But I have dragon wings attached to my wolf form so often nowadays I've started seeing myself as a wolf/dragon hybrid.

As for why I am this way, I think the dragon side has always been a part of me. I just didn't realize it at first because of being closer to my wolf side, sort of like that's my main form and dragon is secondary. I had phantom tail shifts that were more reptilian in nature long before I realized what it meant. The wings came later about two years ago. These days I often go around feeling both phantom wing sensations along with having a phantom wolf tail at the same time. So I'm more of a mixture of both than just one.
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