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Full Version: Elemental Connections (Simple Visualization Exercises)
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The following is a series of energy manipulation exercises that my friend and I do to keep our metaphysical muscles from becoming atrophied. It’s a fun and simple little thing that can be done almost anywhere at any time. This series can also be used in finding your element — the reason for which I am writing — so it is a very basic exercise. There are many ways to find your element. You can pin it by your birth sign, numerological value of your birthday or name (magical or given), or just your personality. Still, these things may look good on paper, but feel totally wrong to the individual… we are all different people, and our truths cannot be summed up by simple words. So for you, I hope this might help.


First off, get into a comfortable position. Ground and center. Now, think of each element.

Visualize Earth. Imagine that you have a pot of soil in front of you. Breathe deeply, and try to imagine the smell of the soil, rich and sweet with decayed leaves. Once you can smell it, feel it. Dip your hands in your imaginary pot… the soil is loose, crumbly and moist. Wiggle your fingers, and feel the soil fall away between your fingers. Once you can feel it, take another handful of your soil, and concentrate. In this soil is a seed of your favourite flower. Pull energy from the ground from your root chakra, and funnel it into your hands, into the soil, into the seed. In your mind, watch it grow, reaching its little leaves up to the sky, buds finally unfolding to reveal the glory of Earth. Once you see your flower grown, place it back in your pot, and push the pot aside.

Next, work with Air. Think of the high breeze of an early autumn day, rustling through the trees, kissing them goodnight for the winter. Feel the wind brush your cheeks and tickle your neck. Once you feel it, capture the essence of that wind in your hands, palms facing each other, curved to form an open circle. Feel the wind following your hands, blowing faster and faster in the circle until the bottom drops and touches the ground. You now have a miniature tornado in your hands! Watch it spin for a while, but take care not to let it get out of control! Once you have established your connection with air, bring your hands together in a gentle clap to dispel the air.

Now we’re ready for Fire. Imagine there is a candle in front of you, with a tiny flame dancing on its wick. Watch burn, shuddering slightly with every movement in the room, then dancing back into place. Place your hand beside your candle, and feel the warmth of the flame. Don’t mess around and stick your hand on the flame, just because it is an imaginary candle… fire is an essence that demands respect, whether it is physical or not! Take as much care with your visualized candle as you would a real one! Now, once you feel the warmth, place your hand palm-up beside the candle, and invite the flame over into your palm. It won’t burn you if you respect it, so don’t be afraid. Once you can feel it in your palm, draw the flame inside yourself, letting its warmth fill you as you push it back into the earth through your base chakra.

Finally, Water. As you should still be a bit warm from the flame, think of a muggy, humid late spring/early summer day. The air is so thick with juicy clouds that you feel like you’ve inhaled the steam off a cup of hot cocoa. Your hair is heavy and limp, and your face is speckled with sweat. By God, you wish it would just rain. Feel miserable yet? Good! Now make it rain! In your mind, open the clouds up, and breathe deep. Smell the rain coming. As soon as you can smell it, the shower starts, plipping against your bare shoulders. Open your palms and lift your face to the sky, welcoming the water to chill the flame from your body. Once you’ve enjoyed the rain, command the clouds to close and thank them for their gift.


Which of these visualizations was the easiest for you to do? Which element did you feel the most, and manifest the fastest? This is your element. If you had more than one that you worked remarkably well with, don’t worry… most people have primary and secondary element. For example, my primary and secondary are fire and water respectively. Once you have manifesting each element individually down to an art, you can move to step two, and try blending your two strongest elements into a substance that represents them both.
As I've said before, I adore these exercises - I'm a Fire person. :3

When I'd done the water one for the first time, it had felt really uncomfortable (like the raindrops were hailstones, almost!) and my skin had felt quite 'itchy'. (Strangely, I'm terrified of deep water and used to hate getting my feet wet)

Are there any tips you could give to strengthen a weak element connection?
I have no problem with any of them, except that the muggy-to-rain doesn't really symbolise water to me the way a rushing stream does. I already know that I'm an earth/forest and river person primarily though, just from having "visited" areas heavy in a particular element. Fire is okay, air is nice, and water and earth even separate are both grand, but together in the form of heavy forest + river... or better yet waterfall! produce the most delicious spiritual sensations. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
The best way to strengthen weak connections with a particular element is to keep working with it, I say. If the idea of rain doesn't work or just feels rough, I'd try working with a stream, as Shiari said. Imagine a stream running in front of you. Listen for the bubbling in your mind... put your hand out and feel the flow. Cup your hands and draw some water... feel it trickle between your fingers. Something nice and gentle like that <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
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