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Full Version: dragon and therian thoughts.
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Not a dragon myself, but here's my thoughts on the matter, from a spiritual PoV:

Sometimes, one's soul is very attached to a certain form (dragon, elf, human, whatever). This may be your "original form", the one that you first existed as, or just one you're exceptionally attached to. Now, you may have a second form that your soul prefers to find itself in, or that it was in a lot, so it takes on traits of that entity as well. Now that we're all in human bodies, these various tendencies come out, and if we remember our past lives, we will consider ourselves Otherkin (as we've all come to do), and relate to both of these beings.

I have very old memories from a distant past life in another realm. I also tend to cat-like qualities (including the "I-meant-to-fall-face-first,-honestly look). I've probably been in other forms, that I either don't remember or didn't like as much, but they haven't affected me in this life as much.
I've talked to quite a few Draconics (they come to the SEHowl and I meet them at other venues) and their life experiences seem to be indistinguishable from that of Therians. That isn't true of other types like Vampires and Fae that I've met. The requirement that a theriotype must be nonmythical seems, to me, to be pretty artificial and it seems to be losing support in the Therian community for that reason.

Why are dragons not Therians?
Actually, I tend to identify as a therian in terms of my reptile-y-ness. I've researched discovered dinosaurs to see if there is one that matches what I think I would have looked and lived like, but since I can't find a close enough match, I don't rule out "dragon" either.
I just consider myself draconic rather then being labeled as a dragon therian, but a lot of my tendencies tend toward being similar to various aquatic animals from cetaceans to amphibious fish. Of course, I don’t think those animals are a part of me being a dragon rather that is similar to how my dragon species wants to act.

Taking a deep breath at the surface with just barely my nose poking the surface, diving straight down to find prey, using my long whisker-like barbels to sense fish and other prey, using my large gills to bring in more oxygen into me to let me stay down longer…

The appearance of my dragon self certain does have various traits seen on come aquatic animals - webbed feet, a flatted tail into a rudder, gill slits, likely one large lung similar to sea serpents, nostrils set high on the snout more like an alligators, and so on.

- Aquasarius
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