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Bout time we get a role call of our own going on.
So you say your a dragon? Do elaborate a bit. Dragons have always been a divers lot, varying in appearances, regions of origin, as well as traits and characteristics. No matter the differences, dragons we all be, so what sort of dragon be you?

I perceive myself as a dragon from your A typical European stereotyped legends. Had the seven classic dragon appendages going on as well as the breathing fire, hoarding and stealing other people's woman (so i guess not all that much has changed <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin --> ). Theres not much else to embellish on from there aside from 'memories' and what not. But for now i'm leaving off with being a yankee red dragon who's darn proud of it.
What are the "seven classic dragon appendages"? Tail, wings, horns I got, but what else?

And this is interesting because I was wondering earlier today what most people picture when they hear the word "dragon".
Elinox Wrote:What are the "seven classic dragon appendages"? Tail, wings, horns I got, but what else?

'Twould be four legs, two wings, and one tail, I'd imagine. =p

As for me, I still hesitate to call myself 'dragon', though I've got nothing better to use, 'cause no one knows what the frig a "Visviguin" is. No breath weapon; soft hide, no scales (except the few plates on my muzzle); claws; sharp gnashy teeth; membrane wings (two located near the shoulders, two smaller ones near the hips for better maneuvering and a bit more support for the rear); decently-lengthed tail; spiky head. No idea where my kind originate from, though obviously not Earth. <!-- s:roll: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="Rolling Eyes" /><!-- s:roll: --> We were omnivores, though, so there wasn't a problem with gnawing on some green now and then. =3
Weird question to answer here.

Well...I have no idea really how anybody but me looked...and I'm probably not the best sample for my "species". I did a lot of shapeshifting, typically through cell manipulations and such through the use of energy. (I think. I don't know much, so sue me. Tongue) Typical me has 4 legs, a head (gasp!), decent tail (with a stinger-looking spike at the end), and a swapping of 2 wings and 2 pairs of wings, with the front two working more like rudimentary limbs. Blue scales, very small and smooth. Frill of spines running down the back, connected by a frill that starts right behind the center of 3 vaguely leaf-shaped plates on the top of my head. 2 spikes on the tip of muzzle.

No breath weapon that was "built in", persay, but I'm rather sure that energy workings provided for it if we needed that.

Origin? I have no idea. I've had similar memories with other dragons, (you know who you are.) but nothing in any way conclusive, given that the time between our lives was likely immense.

I'm a bit of an odd one out in that I hate most red meat. Ick. Fish, poultry, or greens for this dragon.
Shinoar were therapodian! <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin --> arms, wings, legs, tail. No scales, no magic, no breath weapon. Horns acted as 'ears' of a sort. 7 feet tall at the head, 30+ft wingspan. Spent more time on the ground than in the air.
Well, in regards to me, my guise was typically of a more humanoid form, though I also tend to be of the notion that it was also very very capable of shifting shape, size and etc. This form was similar to a humans in ways, though with clawed hands, an unnatural color of hair (at least without dyes) being dark or blood red, and large flaming wings.

I don't believe I specifically had any sort of Dragon race I belonged too, and from what I can gather of features and various circumstances it seems most likely that my true form is rather more of a spiritual type being than physical (though there are things that suggest to me that interaction with physical, perhaps even in physical forms was not out of the question). In this I tend to link myself to Dragons in a rather spiritual sense, perhaps even being a Dragon in spiritual circumstances similar to Angels, or Demons are to their own circumstances.

That said, even though the form most natural to me was of a rather more human type, I do tend to have in mind on at least the likely colors of a more Dragon like form when/if I would take it, and those colors are red and gold. By general experience of my own nature I would say that this form would also likely appear to be quite threatening and Regal.

It's actually rather amusing the flashy and royal appearances I would take with attire coinciding with not actually having a care towards ruling or giving orders in the first place. Really, with how I am, it's probably some part deep inside of me that wants me to rebel against that whole concept by exploiting it and twisting it rather than considering myself to be specifically noble.

So you could call me a spiritual Dragon that works towards its own ends and can shift into other forms as necessary, though often actually prefers a more humanoid type. I will also state that I am quite strongly linked with fire, or at least my own spiritual variation of it, with my entire form (most notably the wings) being made from it.
We've been hesitating to post about this for a while but we think we're ready to speak up.

We think Iago is/was a serpentine-typed dragon back in the day. He had four legs that were rather squat (think skink XD) and his body was very elongated, somewhat like the oriental-type dragons. He was primarily aquatic, having both gills and lungs, and webbed digits. Along his back ran a string of spines that could be raised as a defense mechanism. The end of his very long tail boasted a large "fin" or "flipper" type thing. We think he was exothermic. Actually, Iago's rather "suntherian" about his draconity, constantly shifting between "human" and "serpent" modes. He's also vampiric for whatever reason.

We don't know what color he was, though it was probably similar to shark/whale/fish colorings - light underbelly, dark-blue-ish back. We think he had scales.

So, there. He's out. XD

I was a western type dragon. four legs, 2 wings, tail. As often as ive tried I dont know full details on what I looked like and such. From phantom limbs I know I had spikes running down my back lol. I don't really know where I lived really. When It comes to that I always see mountains and a beach but thats about it. I think I was black with silver accents but Im not to certain anymore. I was a very large dragon, Not certain how large but I always get the sence of being absolutly massive lol. So yea thats about it <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
As far as my western life goes, it was largely typical in apperence. FOur legs, two wings, tail, head with a number of horns. As far as my war-monger clan went, I was the odd-ball of the generation. Where as I was a deep navy blue with ivory colored horns, most others were brown earthy tones with black horns. All of the clan ate only meats, and the specific kind of meat depended on the hunting parties.

I don't recall ever actually meeting another dragon in my oriental life, but it basically mirrors the old Chinese myths and legends far as I know. That life had me as an ocean blue, four-toed dragon with a silver mane and claws. That life had me as a shapeshifter, but only into various human forms. I generally spent most of my life in some of those, only shifting back when angry or in danger. Or on a monthly whim, I suppose.
well, i know that everyone else puts LOADS of stuff about how they perceive themselves as dragons, so i'll try to as well.
i am a green dragon, with dark underbelly, translucent wings tipped with blue, my tail is slighly redder than the rest of my body, i have an aproxximately 15-16 ft wingspan and two horns. i also have yellow/blue eyes that are obviously slitted, i only have three claws on each paw, i can stand either biped or quadruped, but it is more comfortable to stand quadruped. as for personality, it shifts constantly. i can be running about, roaring for no particular reason, but five minutes later, i can become very subdued and incredibly deep thinking. i love to fly; it gives me freedom beyond that any human will ever gain, the freedom to roam through the skies, without the drawbacks of the life of a human. i resent those that bear grudges, whether it be on me or anyone else, and i feel it better on both sides of the argument to forgive. now, i dont know if i am truly an otherkin, all i know is that there is a feeling that i get, every single day, that there is more to me. it is a feeling that no-one can truly understand unless they experience it themselves. and although most people would think i am crazy for believing that there is some 'second soul' inside of me, i, and all the others that experience this, will pity those unable to understand.
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