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Full Version: Your kind of dragon
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Well, in appearance my kin looks like a western dragon. It has two arms (which are more humanoid, but is still not bipedal) two legs (more dinosaur like) two large webbed wings, each with one long strand attached to the back, making it look like I have three tails. The middle tail is pretty thick, the other two are extensions of the wings as I said, and seem to help with steering in flight. Fairly long neck. The head has a beak with a horn on the nose and two horns on the back of the head, along with fairly long ears. Teeth seem to be a cross between canine and fish. There are no scales, no fur, no feathers. The body appears (and feels) like glass, but with color, which is usually dark. It seems to be organic in some way, except the body also seems to be mostly hollow. No organs to speak of. There is a stone in the abdomen held in place with crystal like formations. The limbs seem to be filled with some kind of gel, it could be in the rest of the body as well, I'm not sure. It can breathe a bright color of something like fire, not sure if it is fire though. About 6 to 7 feet tall at the shoulder, and between 10 and 12 at the top of the head. Body length is about... probably between 18 and 20 feet (estimation). The wingspan is big, I can't really estimate that. Also, limbs have three fingers and one thumb, this includes feet. The outer parts of the body are close to a black color (but seem to change color with the time of day) and the inner parts are almost white (this means mouth, inner ears, etc), there isn't a physical gender to the creature. These things I've figured out through phantom shifts and dreams, and although it seems unlikely, I could be totally wrong. I'm learning more about it fairly often. Also, the creature seems to feed on psychic or spiritual energy, not physical things. It may also be able to shape shift, this I'm very unsure of. Someone on TW theorized it was a colony of microscopic glass-making bacteria, which do exist on earth (extremely deep sea; they produce organic, flexible glass to protect themselves from the pressure), but I've never heard of them having a mind at all, much less a shared mind.
I was/am a dragon god. I'm not sure if I was a god of dragons or a dragon that was worshiped as a god or what, but I was in the form of a dragon and in a godly position.

Aside from that, four limbs+wings, black shiny scales, and red eyes.
I'm a green forest dragon. I call my species Forest Fury. Because it has Night Fury-like traits. I love the forest and nature and the element water and earth.
I'm not 100% sure I'm a dragon, but maybe.

I feel 2 phantom horns & 2 movable ears. I relate more to Eastern dragons. I don't think I have a color, and I also don't have an internal image of myself at all. Some Asian dragons are shapeshifters, so maybe that's why. To me, it's more like always having the essence of a dragon than having had a physical dragon body in a past life. I don't have any memories of being a dragon or anything.
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