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Full Version: New Dream
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This dream was so vivid that I remember every single detail of it and everything I felt...
I had this dream 3 nights ago and it's still with me:

There was a wooden platform held over the water and it rocked slightly with the movement of the water. I watched the group of people swarm and run across the platform, chasing a man in a golden brown frock coat and dark gold panatloons. His dark blonde hair streamed out behind him as he ran.

"I'm going to get the Joker first!" a girl with greasy black shouted as she raised after the group.

Lestat slipped on the wet platform and tumbled into the murky water. I jumped in to save him, but wound up grabbing someone else around the waist who had a black wig on. "You thought I was Lestat! Hah!" she shouted through the water and I let her go--I had to save my vampire and no one else mattered.

--A shift in the dream--

I knelt by Lestat, both us looked bedraggled in our soaking wet clothes with our hair hanging about our faces. His dark blue eyes held me rapt and he smiled, still panting form the exertion. I held a piece of paper with fancy writing--french--in one hand and it was dry.

--A shift in the dream--

Lestat stood, dry once more, staring into a mirror. He placed in clear contacts that made his blue-violet eyes all the more irresistible and I couldn't stop staring, knowing it was strange to do so.

He signed the back of the paper with the strange writing on it: Lestat. It had a beautiful cursive L that made me smile just to see it.
--A shift in the dream--

"Lestat! Lestat!" I screamed, banging a pale fist on the wooden door. It swung open and I stumbled into the carpeted hotel suite. The walls were white and the carpet was white and stood out to me. A door to my right was open and two naked whores were staring out me with wicked grins upon their shiny faces.

"Lestat!" I screamed again as another naked wh*re straggled out of the main bedroom, limp blonde hair hanging around her face. She grinned and screamed as she struggled into the bathroom.

"Lestat! Where are you?" I half whispered as I stumbled into the main bedroom. I fell to my knees next to the immaculate bed. Lestat was sitting, cross-legged on the bed. His golden hair was pulled back with a black ribbon. He was writing something on several pieces of pale white paper. He wore a silver ring upon one finger and he was kept on writing, glancing up once and smiling at me.

I knew the whole time that it was Tom Cruise as Lestat, but still Lestat at the same time...it was a merging of the two, but the rapture that filled my heart was still all I could concentrate on and how his smile was so perfect and his face so flawless...All of this I knew and thought of in my dream.
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