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I've always identified as some sort of faerie creature, or just identified with the. I've also always had a problem with things in excess, such as binge eating, excessive drinking, and promiscuity. I've read before that the fae love to party, and that even fae-kin can have rather high sex drives.

Does any of this ring true for you?
Not fae of course, but when I crave something to excess, it usually means that some other need is not being met. I just have to figure out which one is actually causing the problem, usually by doing a meditation and following the crave feeling to wherever it leads...and it has led me strange places. That usually works. Usually the craving is gone the next day.
The Shiri are technically Fae, so I'll say something to this. I used to party and be very, erm, social when I was younger (teens and early 20's) but not so much these days. I don't believe that liking to party makes one Fae any more than a love of shiny objects makes one a magpie.

In broader terms, I tend to think:

1. Most lifestyle choices are affected by socialisation more than kin type (at least unconsciously).
2. Generalisations about the Fae are hard to make. I know, because I am always looking for something--anything--that will give me a better understanding of Annwyn and how it works. The problem is that within that world there are so many types of life that any generalisation is too vague to be useful. Imagine trying to make a broad statement about all the life forms of, say, Australia?

Now if a lot of, say, Sidhe reported such behaviour and believed it was wired into their energetic nature or some such there might be a real connection. So if you are concerned that your own behaviour is to do with your kin type, and you can't change it (if you want to, that is), I would say to look for those of your own specific Fae race and ask for advice.
Not Fae, but I can identify with the excess.

I party like there's no tomorrow. I'm an adrenaline junkie. I feed off the energy. It's the only thing, sometimes, that keeps me awake throughout the week.
Anything that starts things up, active energy... it's a kinetic high. ^_^

I *was* drinking excessively for a while. I've never been a big fan of eating, so I can't help you there... and I've never seen promiscuity as a bad thing unless you catch something from it.

My advice? If you take things to excess, turn that habit toward something constructive. Instead of drinking, find a hobby and go crazy with it. That's how my room ended up neon green, and how I'll get this sudden urge to do something crazy and instead end up with this really awesome piece of art, etc.

And sometimes, that's the only way I get any sort of fix. Sometimes there's nothing to do, so I go out and bicycle around the town until my body reaches its limit. My legs are going "no more!!" but I'm getting such a kick off the wind and the music in my ears and the feeling of speeding down the street that it doesn't matter.

Also, sometimes I have to simply sit down and remind myself that there's going to be a tomorrow. And tomorrow new opportunities to do stuff will arise. So I can stay still for a day and chill. Which is annoying as hell, but occasionally having the ability to rationalize things comes in handy.

Doesn't always stop me, of course. I ended up blowing 30 bucks on a rare steak because I suddenly had a craving for blood. Most of my piercings were impulse decisions, etc. I've come close to running in with the cops because of trespassing on numerous occasions simply because I had this impulse to go out and satiate my curiosity.

But really? Me and impulse decisions go hand in hand, but if I can give myself 5 minutes, I'll mull it over and usually calm down. Sometimes my friends help me with this. I've made them tell me to "sit down and wait 5 minutes" before, and I've been able to rationalize things. The fleeting feeling I had to do something goes away, and I avoid doing something stupid. XD
Come to think of it, there are a lot of things I have an excess of that could easily be described as "goblinoid".

1 An excessive collection of shiny things (especially brass and silver)
2 An excessive collection of exotic or occult items
3 An excessively disorganized living environment
4 An excessive amount of hobbies and projects

I am highly motivated, but very impulsive, and easily distracted....

So please, don't ring that bell!
*ooh, shiny!*
- Ouro
Motley Wrote:Not fae of course, but when I crave something to excess, it usually means that some other need is not being met.

Fae here, and I know what you mean with the excesses! But I agree with Motley here.
I'm not one for parties, actually I'm the opposite... I hate crowds and loudness and drunk people and such, urgh. I've been through a period when I had eating compulsion (and coincidently, the two other fae girls that I know also have some level of eating disorders). Also the sex thing, though I'm not promiscuous myself, but let's say it's a strong part of me.
But all those things, for what I know, are really trying to compensate for something else. In my case, I feel that I'm with low energy most of the time. What feeds me are things like creativity, art, new ideas, new things, beautiful things, nature... but specially creating. Basically, inspiration. And when I'm not having enough inspiration, I try to compensate it some other way - in my case, it's normally eating, but it can vary. It's a pursuit for pleasure somehow. And for me, pleasure and creativity are the feelings that are closest to the world and soul of Fae. So, there it goes.
I'm not fae myself, but as to going for excess in everything... *sheepish grin, raises hand* I can't be partially motivated about ANYTHING. If it's going to be done, it's going to be done ALL the way. That does include more 'adult' activities as well as things like gaming, roleplaying or bathing all the cats. I don't know if I'd peg that as something specific to fae or simply a sign of a very enthusiastic personality. I know I get an obsession and collect/read everything I can on it, get bored and bound after something else. (Typically Sagittarian, so I've been told. ^_^) My fiance is the same; he'll decide he wants to 'nocker' something and rip half the house apart to do it, but he's not fae.
I know three faerie chicks. I would defiantly describe all of them as promiscuous. All three of them have a substance fixation. So, those are quality's I would associate with faeries. Like any stereo type it's far from something I would take as an absolute. I would also say all three of them have an UNNATURAL obsession with me. With two of them it's positive the other seems to be fixated on making me miserable.
Celestia, I'm curious about why you mentioned their obsession with you. Do you have any kind of explanation for that, associated with the fact that they're fae?
Just a semi-OT comment on the meaning of "excess". Sometimes in this thread it seems like it is simply being used to refer to people who spend a lot of time or effort on something - people who collect an excessive amount of something or who have an excessive amount of sex. Is that really "excess", though? It strikes me that unless this causes actual harm (for example having lots of high risk sex, or spending more money than one can afford on a collection) it's simply liking something. For example, when I'm fit and healthy I very often spend pretty much every waking moment, 4 or 5 days of the week, involved in hockey in some way. Is that excessive? No - but if I have to take days off work because I was out at hockey late the night before, then it is excessive, even if I spend less actual time on it.

I don't see simple indulgence of something as being linked to any trait. Taking it to excessive lengths, on the other hand, is of itself a problem. Are people suggesting that fae simply like to have lots of what they like in a non-damaging manner (which is VERY much a human trait, given the evolutionary psychology of a species that didn't always have plenty), or are people suggesting that fae take an unhealthy interest in specific things to the extent that this causes them problems?

(Note: the most amusing use of "excess" is in relation to totalitarian human rights abuses. "The excesses of the Nazi regime", for example, doesn't refer to lush decor and big dinners . . . it refers to the wholesale murder and torture of millions of people. Always struck me as odd, that.)
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