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Question about camera film.

I recently found several camera films from about 2003. For some reason I never got them developed.

Since the photos were taken, they've been sealed in their little black tubes, in a box, kept at room temperature (never below about 10 degrees C or above about 25). What are the chances of them still being "alive"? I have no idea if the pictures would be in good condition now, or totally degraded.
Well, there's a relatively good chance you can get photos out of it, but my guess is that they'll be a little bit "faded".
My mom stored a film in a fridge for almost 12 years, it developed fine.
Like Freetha said, there is a decent chance of them being fine though "faded". I've never developed anything that old because my dad said that chances are it won't work. I, myself, don't really think they'd be all that bad, though some of the photos may be really bad off.
Good stuff. I don't even know what they're of, and faded is fine - I just want to take a look to see what I felt the need to record (I think cats and holiday photos, maybe).

It's expensive to get film developed these days so I didn't want to send them off if there was no chance of getting anything back.
Go to Wal-Greens, they're pretty inexpensive for developing film.
Shangrila Wrote:Go to Wal-Greens, they're pretty inexpensive for developing film.

... but the airfare to another continent would probably nix out any saving.
oh....yeah...I forget where everyone's at, lol...And I don't know prices everywhere else...hmmm...
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