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Full Version: Advice on Raising an Elf Child
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Ok, first I'll explain what we are. I am a multiple and Evin (the elf in question) is part of our system. I (Nibby), Kanii, and Evin are the three members of this system. I am a sanguarian vampire. Kanii is a lynx/demon. Now on to the concerning part and please bear with me. If you're going to understand this I need to explain a few things.

Evin has been a part of us for about two years now. He looks to be about 4-5 years old. For the length of time he's been with us, he has expressed his ideas to Kanii three times. I don't say "he has spoken" because he has never once said a single word. He'll give her mental pictures and sometimes he sends me feelings every now and then when something big happens, but other than that, he simply exists. Since the day we met, Kanii has taken him under her wing and watched over him. Its always as if she's his mother and I'm something of an aunt. When Kanii isn't taking him somewhere (she's rather adept astrally) he's sleeping. I swear, this kid sleeps ALL THE TIME. For these two years, the only things I have learned about Evin are:

He's a liosalfar.
He seems to like Korn, Evanescense, and foreign techno.
He understands complex ideas like sexuality, religion/spirituality, government, psychology, etc.

For the last 6 months or so he's been sleeping more often, has a rather short temper for me (according to Kanii), and my vampirism has gotten worse.

The main point of all of this is, is his behavior normal for a young elf? I don't know because I've never met on before. From what Kanii says, he's very mature for his age, speaks eloquently, and shows no signs of wanting to change anything. Kanii's been taking him places astrally less and less because he's becoming more and more confrontational. When we're not listening to music or doing stuff for my art classes (he likes to watch), Evin's always sleeping. It's like he goes into a coma or something. Kanii and I are wondering if there's anything we can do.
Well, quite obviously, we're not experts in any sense of the word, but let's see what we can do.

Firstly, the maturity level may simply be accidentally created grey area between your minds- experience and knowledge that you have has simply passed onto him. Then again, maybe elves mature earlier than humans (which seems quite unfair to us because they apparantly live awhile).

I don't know how possibility A fits in with your other issues, so I'm just going to go with possibility B. This is, simply, that as Evin matures, there may be changes in how he thinks and perhaps some of the changes that he's not ready for yet are transfered into anger. The changing process, along with the anger issues, could be a cause of both his exhaustion and your increased vampirism, when he uses up too much of the body's energy.

Take it or leave it, it's all we've got

-Kraela and Yriela
Okay, firstly, I have yet to meet a single "Ljósálfr" who is Anything similar to the nordic mythological ljósálfr and as such I have to ask; What makes you think he's ljósálfr as opposed to any of the various different form of elves out there?

I also don't quite understand how a soul can be bound by "physical" age, why would he be "X" years old different from your physical age? And what makes you think, if he's a child and has been a child for a long time that you can "raise" him?
Has he matured at all in the two years you've been with him?

If not, IMO his psychology is not and can never will be that of a "normal" child anyway.
Thanks Kraela and Yriela. The second one seems more likely but at the same time, I have no idea. I'm just confused as hell.

Freetha- I know very little about elves of any kind. I will say that. Kanii knows a little more than I do but that's not by much.

The only reasons I think he may be a liosalfar are that:
1. Astrally and in dreamtime, Evin appears to both Kanii and I as a small, blonde, pointy-eared kid (I realize that a lot of elves fit this description.) This is one fact of him that hasn't changed since the day we met. He looks a lot like some of the young children I used to babysit thus where the prospective age-guess comes from. I don't know if this is really a reflection of his age or how he sees himself but that's what we've observed.
2. Because with all of the other kinds of elves that I've read about, liosalfar is the only name/type/whatever that he will respond to. Kanii and I had a debate about it and when we mentioned any other kind he seemed to shrug it off or wouldn't pay attention at all.
3. Norse mythology is the only thing he's intensely interested in. It's one of the only things that I can intentionally wake him up with.

Other than that, I have no idea. I say he is a liosalfar because so far, it's our best guess. Also, I said "raised" because it was early in the morning and it was my best way of putting it. XD On the subject of if a soul ages at all or if a "child" soul can be raised, well, those are up for grabs. I don't really know and I don't think we will really ever know.

Archer- He hasn't "matured." It's more of a "we're learning more about him." The more he comes out of the proverbial shell, the more of him he allows us to see, the angrier and darker he seems to become. Once again, I don't know if he truly is a child or if that's just how he sees himself and thus that's how he's portrayed astrally. We're starting to wonder if our wanting to be a bigger part of his life is a bad thing for him and is somehow affecting him negatively. Because so far, that's where the arrows are pointing.
Given that, I think your initial question of "The main point of all of this is, is his behavior normal for a young elf?" isn't going to help you anyway. He isn't a normal young elf - in fact he arguably isn't an elf at all, as he seems to be a child (or present himself as such) who doesn't age and thus cannot, by definition, have normal psychology.

As to whether interacting with him is helping or causing harm - you (as in the members of your system) know him and each other far better than anyone else here ever could. That's one of the benefits (and sometimes problems) of sharing headspace. As such, I think it's going to be a question of asking opinions/considering attitutes of the whole group, deciding what is best for each individual and the group as a whole, and moving on from there to see how best to interact with him.
Archer Wrote:Given that, I think your initial question of "The main point of all of this is, is his behavior normal for a young elf?" isn't going to help you anyway. He isn't a normal young elf - in fact he arguably isn't an elf at all, as he seems to be a child (or present himself as such) who doesn't age and thus cannot, by definition, have normal psychology.

This. And in any regard, you would need to deal with him, his actions, and the consequences of his actions as they affect all three of you, and that is a very individual thing - as is raising any child or dealing with any child-minded (or apparently child-minded) being.

Ok. It's an interesting idea that he might not be an elf at all. Kanii and I had debated this but again, our lack of knowledge about elves kindof left us clueless.

I'd like to thank you all. You given us a lot to think about and well, raised quite a few more questions. But this has definately helped. We were more desparate in the beginning for a quick fix but it seems that this is much more complicated. It was good to find a change in perspective.
In my own advice never take yours eyes off him.

From as far as my memories as an elven child and being with other elven children we where utter chaos if left unwatched.
Also be prepared to nuture his mind and spiritual body since he has no physical body other than yours.
Yeah, it hasn't been very long since I last posted here but we've been alternating watching him quite closely. He still sleeps a lot but when he's awake it almost seems to me that he might be bipolar. Is it possible for a soul to be bipolar? Isn't that normally a biological/physical thing having to do with the brain more often than psychological factors, or am I totally off-base here?
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