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Full Version: the best/worst presents of all times
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because i saw this kind of topic in another forum:

what were the best or worst presents you ever got?

my best: this year, i got a plushie depicting one of my favorite villains. the person had made it herself, with all the little details and even removable weapons!

my worst: aside from clothes that don't match my style at all... i got a video tape from my grandma who has an addiction to record anything and everything. at parties, you're not even allowed to eat before she is finished shooting your food! the tape i got was a collection of my childhood, i never ever watched it. she shows that stuff to us anyway, whenever we visit her. <!-- s:evil: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_evil.gif" alt=":evil:" title="Evil or Very Mad" /><!-- s:evil: -->
We didn't really celebrate anything but most likely my best present if you can concider it a present was a new job I got right before Christmas, and worst some kind of flu I cought 24th. <- That's this year

And for last years my best presents were probably whole bunch of alchemy and magic books I got last year, and worst... Spiderman mask for 6 years old kids when I was 17.
best : I don't pick favorites..
worst : I appreciate all the gifts for the thought if not the gift itself..
Of this year:

Best: Pirates of the Caribbean Life
Worst: A double knit scarf resembling a carpet

It's hard to pick of all time. I've gotten some great stuff and some real doozies.
Best: Nintendo DS and the Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales

Worst: a beige sweatshirt because 1. I don't wear beige (it looks horrible on me) 2. I don't wear sweatshirts like the type it is.
I'm not sorting out between types of presents, so I'm just going to barrel forward on this despite the lack of knowledge I have on when I get things

Best present ever? *Points down at the laptop* It was a reward for graduating high school, although I practically owned it before then anyways.

Worst present? I have no idea. I tend to forget things that I don't like.
Best: We have the attention span of a ferret on a sugar high, so just wait a couple of weeks from the last bestie and you've got a good chance at giving the next one.

All of the personalized greetings we've gotten hold a warm and fuzzy spot in our hearts; we're starting a hoard of snail mail addressed to us as us. One of our best friends also wrote a little Christmas poem about the RPG that he started with us back in 2000. I just wanted to reach through the internets and hug him when I found it in our inbox today.

Worst: Our paternal grandmother has a track record that would be hard to beat. Bath towels, a children's size 10 turtleneck when we were in high school (and wearing at least a children's 14 LOL), a used mystery novel that was midway through a series that we have to assume she was reading for herself. If we get something from her, it's probably whatever was on sale and she's probably sending it because she wants to sweeten up our biological father so he'll send her money.

We try to ignore that whole side of the family; the ones who actually have functioning hearts are all dead except for one whom we haven't kept in touch with. >.>


I like all of my presents actually, I'm a collector of collections...though the most touching is the money I got from my great-grandpa. I never expected his will to include me, simply because he already had a bunch of grandkids to give money to. I'm able to pay off the next couple years of college because of it, so I'm really grateful to him.

The only present I can think of that's the worst (and it's really not that bad, just not useful) are these cutesy, flowery wall decor panels. I really don't dig the style, and I don't have any place to put them anyway.
Best present of all time, hands down. Christmas morning, I'm 8 years old and after we all open presents under the tree we go into the kitchen for the usual cookies and milk for breakfast. Hanging on the door that leads down to our playroom/basement is a letter from Santa, "You've both been extra good this year so I've left an extra special surprise downstairs for you. Love, Santa" (Or something close to that.) So my sister and I bound down the stairs, expecting something bright and shiney. There's nothing out of the ordinary there! No new bike, no pony, etc. So we're both very confused. And then I hear scratching in the small closet that's at the back of the playroom. I go over, open the door, and out bounds a fluffy, soft golden retriever puppy! Best Christmas present EVER!!!

Worst presents are probably clothing that I'm supposed to like but really think are ugly. It's hard faking it when you know you're never going to wear it!
Elinox Wrote:Worst presents are probably clothing that I'm supposed to like but really think are ugly. It's hard faking it when you know you're never going to wear it!

Quoted for truth. Its worse when you're on a diet and they get you clothes which are HUGE, so you get even more depressed about your weight. xD
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