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Full Version: A memory question?
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**Feel free to move this to where it belongs**

Here's something Gabriel awhile back (you'll need to read it to understand the question) (the question marks around certain words mean that he doesn't know if that's the right word):

[quote author=Shangrila link=topic=1715.msg17869#msg17869 date=1221229844]
I have "recalled" one of my memories, which I have been wanting to have for a very long time. However, I didn't want to recall one like this, but I do wish to write down and see what every one thinks of this memory--also what would have been my last memory of my previous life. It is a very complete memory, and very detailed so I think that I was meant to learn of it.

Here I go:

I was sprawled in a chair, staring into the darkened room. My dark wings were limp and lightly touched the littered floor. Papers were scattered everywhere along with ?drug? paraphenalia. I could feel my veins pounding throughout my body and my vision was cloudy and I knew I had ?over-dosed?. Despite the pain racing through my body, my thoughts were clear: How did I ever get to this point in my life? How did I ever let myself get so far down the ladder? Why?

There was no answer to the question and no memories preceeding this day.

I slowly turned to look at the door of the room as I heard if open. A ?man? moved in through the hazy atmosphere...His movements were familiar, oh so familiar.

"________, my love," he whispered as moved closer, wings flicking so softly behing him...They were pale...he was pale...those were the only thoughts in my head now..."What have you done to yourself?"

I blinked slowly despite the heavyness of my lids and looked up at him as he towered over me...He was so beautiful...so beautiful...And so familiar...where had I met him? I didn't know.

The man leaned down and his face came into sharp relief, his silver hair framed his gentle face. He placed a hand gently under my chin and I knew I was going to cry at the worry I saw in his eyes...

"My love...You are dying," he whispered, voice so musical. "Do you not remember me? Us?"

I felt tear slide down my face and I shook my head, knowing that was why I was sad...and why he was hurting...

Everything then seemed to stand still as I looked up at him, his hand lightly holding my chin. Then nothing but his last words: "Don't forget."


There you have it my friends, the last part of my life. And to clarify things up, I was male in that life and still am (lol). I still don't know my name because it seemed to be omitted in the memory.



We weren't really sure what to title this, but the one seems to fit.

We have a friend who saw a memory the above memory of Gabriel's and this friend suggested a name that they said was the unknown male in memory

Gabriel is extremely hesitant to believe my friend because it doesn't seem right and doesn't sit right with him.

What do you think of my friend saying that they know the other person in the memory?

We do not believe or disbelieve others' memories of meeting us or our associates unless they are able to confirm details that we know but have not told them. The more hits and the more detailed hits, the more likely we are to believe them.

What they said.

Something feeling "right" or not isn't a good reason to believe that someone else has answers about you.
Archer Wrote:What they said.

Something feeling "right" or not isn't a good reason to believe that someone else has answers about you.

Good to hear that you guys more or less think the same way Gabriel does.

However, even if the friend could give us proof of what she says--and the proof was infallible--he wouldn't believe her (he really, really doesn't like her).

--Sarah/Sasha *blurry*
I think it should be taken into consideration as a possibility
But definitely not as absolute truth.

Possibilities are fun can it's at least a lead that can be explored.
I've chosen not to take the lead after realizing who Gabriel was, what I am, etc. And other things she's said just don't ring right with me. Thanks for the input, though ^_^
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