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Full Version: RENAMED: Recurring Dreams (I need help.......)
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I need to know if anyone knows anything about reoccouring dreams. there is alot more to my story then this but i have been called a freak, a liar, and told i was full of crap.....so i'm alittle afraid to go into details at this moment...... my main question for now is does anyone know about reocouring dreams and the possibilty if the effects said dream may leave upon the physical body.

thank you

Hey Joe, it's me. I hope someone can help you out here... and just remember, we love you and we know you're not crazy. Your wife's seen what's happened to you after your dreams and I've seen what happens to your arm during the day. No one should need physical proof if they love you. This place is safe for us, okay?
I moved this to "Experiences and Dreams" because it seemed to fit better there. Could you also post an introduction, please?

As for the question, I've had some recurring dreams and they always seem to have something to do with what's preoccupying me in the waking world. Never had physical marks show up after those dreams.

You say reoccuring ones right? Well last I checked reocurring dreams means your having premotions in a sense, at least in my experience.

Prehaps if you wrote up the dream here we might be of further help.
Of itself, "recurring dreams" could mean absolutely anything or nothing at all. It's not really possible for anyone to give a helpful comment without knowing some more of the content or nature of the dreams, though I understand of course that it can be difficult to share such things.
alright....this may take a while so please bear with me

when the dream starts i'm in a large tent. i have 2 people helping my put on armor of some sort.i look down to my chest and i see a symbol upon the armor. I see this same symbol upon banners within the tent. another person brings me a shield and it to has the same symbol upon it. i take the shield and secure it to my left arm. i walk out of the tent to see thousnads upon thousands of people all in battle armor. again this symbol adorns their armor as well a banners being carried. i begin to march this army towards a large open feild just a slight fog begins to roll in. i draw my sword and so does every one behind me. just at the edge of the fog i see another army waiting. i raise my sword and lower it and the army charges forward. (now up to this point the dream never changes .....it's that same way over and over again. it is only the ensuing battle that is never the same )) once the two army converge the sounds of battle ring out. (now everything that happens durning this battle is more real to me then i will ever be able to describe to you...and for that i am sorry. but every sound....echos within my ears, every scream of pain and every battle rallying call sounds as if i'm there. i feel everything......the sweat on my face........i can even feel the warm blood splash against my face. i can smell the grass ......the leather......everything.....)) once the battle is over i take a seat upon a tree stump stab my sword into the ground and i awaken.......

now the symbol i have mentioned in this dream i have now tattooed upon my lower right forarm because of this dream........i don't know how else to say it other then it felt right to have it put there..........any wonds that i may receive in the dream...i awaken with........cuts,brusies, and even a few burns.

i can't explain how i'm getting these marks on my body, but i can tell you this.........because of this dream i have trained myself to become very skilled with a sword........only because of an all to real fear that if i should take a fatal strike in my dream.....that i may not be waking up.

if you have any questios please feel free to ask...........i'd been shunned and cast aside by so many people that it's hard for me to talk about this........

please if there is anything anyone can tell me that may help.........i need it.............i have an honest fear for my life everytime i lay my head down at night......i tell my son i love him like i will never see him again every night when i put him to bed......just as i tell me wife the same thing.......i don't know where else to go.......i just need some help....

I've had reoccurring dreams but never something as intense as what you have just described. Warning I'm no expert but I'll try my best, even if it may sound really odd/unrealistic. In one, it sounds maybe like a past life experience. Maybe you were once this great warrior and what remains are memories of the battle, that is why you're able to recall them so clearly, and in ways they open up those old wounds. Another scenario (this is the slightly crazier one) in a British TV series Young Dracula, apparently all vampires went to this alternate universe/dimension/world when they fell asleep, and everything, every single mark and scratch would appear on their bodies after they awaken. Maybe somehow you mind is connected to another dimension where you live life as this guy.
I know its not helping any, but I'm really cannot say how you can stop it. Maybe some meditation or a spiritual connection to deep within can help you locate the source of the problem.
I know I don't have much credibility here yet, but I just wanted to say something to anyone who wants to make some kind of negative remark to him.

I live with Joe. He's my roommate. I've talked to his wife, he does wake up with these wounds without ever shifting around in bed. We spoke about it tonight and there was real fear in his voice. Because he's Joe... well I don't know what else to call him besides that. He's the most dominate in the house, so he's our protector. But for me to ever even think that he is afraid of something scares me.

If this were some kind of thing for attention, he could throw our stove through the wall. Believe me, he's completely capable of doing so.

I just wanted to let you know he's not lying about this. He's telling the truth. If you knew him as well as I did you'd know he'd never lie about something so serious. I recommended that he come here to OKP to find someone to help him because I didn't know what else to do and some of our friends have actually shunned him after hearing this.

Thank you who ever even gives him the slightest bit of help, it means the world to me and it will ease all our fears.
On a scale of one to ten, what are the severity of these injuries? You said cuts and burns, but how deep? What degree? Have you ever required a doctor or hospital to take care of them?

I've heard of people getting psychosomatic wounds before, but have never heard of anyone getting serious life-threatening ones. If what you get has a consistent level of severity, or lack of severity, you can probably put your fears of a fatal wound to rest.

Beyond that, the repetitive nature of the dream gives you an chance to realize that you are dreaming. Once you know you're dreaming, try to change something. You probably also want to look up some protective measures to take for your body while you are sleeping. (Wards over your body, a medicine pouch or talisman...whatever works for your belief system.) Wear it all the time, and when you're having the dream, and you know you are dreaming, remember that this protection is still with you. You want to find a way to separate your dream self from your physical self so the injuries don't come home with you.

It might be a long shot too, but see if this battlefield has healers in it before you return home.

(I generally find it better to work with what the person is experiencing rather than telling them that they can't be experiencing it.)
the injuries have ranged from scratch like cuts and minor bruises and small burns like that of a sunburn all the way to broken ribs, a cracked hip and cuts deep enough that i have awaken in pools of blood. i've had to go to the hospital several times because of the injuries..... when i'm having this dream.....it doesn't feel like a dream...... the only time i have any real control over what i do is during the battle, but i'm so concerned with staying alive that i have no time to think of anything else.
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