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visiting souls
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visiting souls
I thought I'd post a little here about the flashes I've gotten on the verge of waking up. This last dream...*sighs*

The gist of it is that it reflected what Archer has said about her relation with her other half. (to put it loosely. Please pipe up if I'm using terms incorrectly, though this isn't an exact mirror, so far as I know.) I'm taking this to be a dream, but a dream in which I had some things experientially explained to me. Essentially I was, with some success, getting my body out of bed, but my body was weak; as usual for these waking dreams, my knees were trying to give out from under me, and so I was moving around with great difficulty (though not as great as in the past).

It was displayed to me in this dream that my weakness was occurring because my soul was mostly someplace else (I was here intellectually integrating the mind-split effect that I'd read about in Bruce), and because that part of my soul was using up much of my energy, there was little left here -- but, more than there had been in the past (which may relate to my having begun energy work).

To be specific, most of my soul was visiting with Bell, though up until right before the end of the dream, I did not have consciousness of what she was doing. Essentially what was happening is that Bell would visit with me at some times while the body was awake, and that while I was asleep, I would visit him. The weakness that I felt in the waking dream was happening because the copy of experience I was in contact with (or, at the very least, remembered) was the one which stayed behind in the body. I wrote shortly after regaining consciousness that I was having difficulty waking because I was waiting for my soul to return.

Essentially, as the dream explained it, this is happening because of a bond...so when Bell/Shang says that s/he's met me outside of my own experience and that I just don't remember it, there is at least a little evidence that this could be the case...if one can take a dream as evidence.

Complicating this. There was a thought that Core (myself) was (elsewhere!) with Bell when she was not here -- that is, when Adrian was running the body. But it was Bell who drew Core (myself) back out of hibernation in this body, one of the times in which s/he was here. To be clear, I don't have memories of being with Bell elsewhere. And I don't have any of Bell's memories of being elsewhere -- which I'd expect to be the case if he is a separate soul beside me, and not me. It just seems that us being together is something that calms and soothes me, and that could be why this has been permitted to go on.

What I can envision happening -- as an option besides resolving to stop going over there -- is being able to gain astral travel recall, and thus remembering my time with him rather than remembering waiting for me to return. In these waking dreams, I do seem to have good recall of things that I've learned in my life, like the mind-split theory, and how to begin to move in these dreams (once I realize they're dreams). Of course, the dreams are overlaying things now more than they were before, so not everything is true.

...I've got to go. I may expand on this after eating.
2011-04-10 4:28
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