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psivamp flash from within a dream?
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psivamp flash from within a dream?
I was just reading over an old blog of mine which...I probably should be careful with, as it's public, but it caused me to recall a scene from a dream I had recently -- I think, today.

I believe it drew upon the idea of "clear light of mind"...I can't recall the setting or what I was doing or anything beyond what happened; but apparently I was sitting across from Bell or something (my form is unclear to my recollection, but I know it was me) and he was raising energy from me. I believe that my perspective was from outside the both of us, until he formed my energy more completely into a sphere, like a ball of smoke.

Once it was a sphere, my perspective turned to looking out from within the sphere, and I saw him with his hands out to me, smiling at me. Then he breathed me in, though the perspective then again shifted back to a third-person view. It was kind of like breathing in a bubble.

This will probably be more easily understood by people who have read my writing elsewhere. For now I just need to record it somewhere so that it doesn't disappear again...
2010-11-25 3:03
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