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poem/free write
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poem/free write
i've posted these before but never here...comments welcome

upon what times have i been placed
within what wails does my flesh fester
grace within me evanescent
such fall i contemplate in jest
the jest, albeit irony
far from gold, as it were
granted wish in fire;
transmutation, in hope
ascension, i desire

feelings assunder, tempestuous thoughts received
i realize;
no, believe
never has the foundation been hope
rather, it is the ground in which it lies
my eyes
translucent counterpart to my matted abode
shine they bright, i sigh
as it were

my perceived course, i juxtapose
my perceptual source, dichotomy sewn
are the same
as it were

omnidistant from the world, i feel
angeli glorioso, i appeal
zealous attemps to ascertain
nirvana, hindered, from this dormain
esperum, i cry
as it were

my eyes show, yet never find
lumines divine, yet unrefine
shine in vespertine suture, my love

within what casings have i dwell
methinks, and accepts, without prevail
a silence cool as hell's ninth sphere
a golden truth frozen, within solid leer
apart of myself, i can see though never show
part of myself winged, esoteric glow

and whosoever may see such form
has shown said love, and may adorn
a golden sphere

distance deceives, i've always been
here with you goddess
one may begin,
in jest i cry;
as it were

this one's just a random prose

is wanton, man who pursues rational...those who ascertain of the celestial intelligences are themselves forced into ration...does truth overendulge...are we to devulge...the intelligences of man are that of heaven into a rippled pond...transubstantiated though we are, our rational is a mere reflection of our former and latter...how formidable this task then, to manifest

fade in now into ambiguity, what once mere intangible now my senses align...rather do i myself lose, or is lost the world?
2008-01-16 20:24
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