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heya !!!
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Star heya !!!
hello !! my name is khiove, i use they/she pronouns, i'm a student in the U.S., and a psychological and spiritual dragonkin! specifically big, fuzzy, feathery, white, lives in the mountains, that sort of vibe. i believe i had some sort of unconscious inkling as a kid but officially awakened in the summer of 2017 after experiencing a ton of phantom limbs, and soon after things started adding up

in this life, i'm an artist, witch, and i love snakes and reptiles. i'm autistic and do a lot of lurking, though i love participating in friendly discussion!
2021-10-09 2:52
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RE: heya !!!
Nice to meet you! Sorry that it took a while to respond, OKP is pretty inactive and we don't get as many new members nowadays.

I'm a dragonkin too! How did you figure out you were a dragon apart from teh phantom limbs?

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WinkIf you have any issues, questions, or would just like to chat feel free to send me a private message.

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2021-10-11 20:26
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RE: heya !!!
Welcome to OKP, Khiove

I'm an albino dragon and cybertronian. What sort of phantom limbs and other experiences led up to you discovering you are a dragon? Were there any other creatures that crossed your mind before you came to this conclusion?


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2021-10-12 2:32
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