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a vision i want to ask opinions on.
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a vision i want to ask opinions on.
First what I had on were list and then I'll post the vision.

I had posted this on otherkin phenomena first and there's very few active members at this moment I also forgot to mention horns atop the head and jaw spikes toward the back of the jaw line. With that said I'd like to hear opinions.

Okay can't seem to figure out my own species and at the same time maybe this can help other people.

So first a I'll describe the appearance

About 9 to 12 foot tall raptor likehead with a long muscled body somewhat serpentine in shape with spikes along the upper back that have a softwebbing between spikes much like a dorsilfin a tail more like that of an Amazon crocodilethe feet are broad look like they would be good for crushing prey or swimming and have 4 rather large sickle likeclawsatthe end of each toe the hands are 3 fingered with a thumb but have moderate webbing between the eyes are slit pupiled not unlike a snakes able to spit a molecular acid that holds compounds similar to cyanide can breath both on land and under water with out needing to retreat to either after any length of time.

From what memories I do have, visions, and dreams it's habitat is typically rainforest or incredibly damp jungles.

Does anyone recognize this species at all?

While we're on the topic of species I'm also interested in anyone else's species as well. __________________ "I have treversed the stars and walked the dreaming sands only to find I had chased a ghost of the truth" -unknown

Okay now what I saw in my vision I used some moss to staunch a humans wound well when I had arrived the fins on the back were folded out and had enough of a wing like shape to glide but not fly and I noticed I had to be careful about touching the human as my very skin seemed to exude a toxin lethal to humans. I was wearing some armor but in the form of a skirt boots that covered only the shins and vambraces I am kinda set aback by this vision and it was so intense that Tina had to literally yell at me to bring me back from my vision. Any one have any thoughts about this one?

[Image: lunarwolf.png]
2012-05-07 20:09
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