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What's your headspace like?
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What's your headspace like?
This can apply to anyone, really, but plurals are usually encouraged to develop a headspace to help contain their members more comfortably, if they're able to.

We struggled with it for years until one day, some of the dissociation lifted, and we were able to look inside. Usually we'd just see black fog. Now we can see glimpses.

There's a big city, usually, we're hanging out some place inside. There are a few restaurants we hang out at, and generally, I see us walking along the streets and talking. There is also a forest, and a mountain range nearby, though I've never gone there.

- Majima

multiple system of 20±.
we are hyakkimaru, dib, gutts, jeremy, seraph, hoxton, and more.

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2021-04-30 21:53
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RE: What's your headspace like?
My headspace, is one of the large city-states on Cybertron: Iacon. It took me a while to figure this out. At first I thought it was just Cybertron or bits and pieces I felt connected to, but over time I realized everything was part of that particular city. Getting to know more about my headspace, it occured to me that it wasn't just a city-state, but a Titan. Titans being ancient Cybertronians of enormous size(literally the size of cities)as they are the ones who are the spark of all of Cybertrons city-states.

I suppose that makes my headspace, a headmate too in a way? He only sleeps, so I don't bring him up as an alter. He doesn't front, speak, or do anything other than host the headspace. The city of Iacon, or really the Titan, Iaconis makes up everything part of it.

Particular places within it, are Maccadams Old Oil House, The Library of Iacon, Nova Point, and a large tower that is my going place. My headmate, Orion, typically hangs out in the library. Some others who come and go can be found around as well form time to time.

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2021-05-01 16:28
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