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Welcome Home
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Welcome Home
This is still in it's developing stages.
Welcome Home
Sight. Merciless, unending sight. The images all flow in a steady, uncollected stream, wrecking havoc upon my eyes. The images make no sense. Disjointed. Incomprehensible. Images. Life. Death. So much death! But…the crimson images…the dark pools spread on the concrete floors…So beautiful…So lovely…Calming…calming…Blood! Oh, God! Blood! Who’s blood? Belongs to no one…So silky to the touch, running in rivulets down my fingers and hands, leaving dark red stains…Such ecstasy as I trace thin lines of blood down my cheeks and across my mouth…a sweet, coppery taste floods my senses. What have I done! Where am I! I move my hands and something brushes my hand, but I cannot see! Who’s there? Show yourself! The Voice answers…so seductive with such savagery…Not to worry, do not worry…Nothing there, nothing there. More voices, outside voices…wanting me to come out…Come out of where? My hands move once more across the slick blood that’s slowly drying on the floor…drying on my cheeks like tears…Something touches me once more out of the darkness…A scream…My scream…Why am I screaming? Help me! Hands grab me, pull me, but all I see is darkness…and the red sight…I want to struggle, but my limbs refuse to move. Who’s touching me? Where are you taking me?! The Voice answers…Do not worry, never worry…Going nowhere, going down…A door bangs shut and a scream echoes all around me followed by laughter…such cruel, unending laughter in the darkness...Not welcome, it’s not welcome here…I want to see! GIVE ME LIGHT! Concrete…such cool concrete presses against my face and I scream again as sight tinged with red floods my face. A cell! Why am I here? I did not do anything! The Voice laughs, a screaming laugh of hate and cruelty…You killed…you killed…no more life for you…and you are home…Welcome home…

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2009-03-19 19:21
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