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Kintype: Fallen Angel | Questioning Robot & Alien
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Wink /|-Wassup-|\
Yo yo yo, wassup?
It's EvanGold here! You might know us from over on Therian-Guide.
We're a plural system of three known headmates right now, me (Evan), Pigeon, and Frisk.
We're therians, otherkin, and fictionkin! Let me go grab our intro stuff real quick-
Got it! Here it is:

Evan - You can usually tell it's me if the text adheres to most grammar rules. I use Tea/They/He pronouns mostly. I'm questioning hyena and fox theriotypes. I think I have a robot kintype? Currently exploring that. As for Fictionkins, there are three I know of: Evan Afton/Golden Freddy/Gregory (the memories are a bit weird 'cause with Golden Freddy, my soul as Evan Afton shares the suit with Cassidy, and as Gregory, I share the robot body with the AI. Feel free to ask me about it!), Pico from FNF/PS, and DaveSprite from Namco High. As you can prolly guess, the Evan Afton/Golden Freddy/Gregory kintype is where our username comes from. Tongue Same age as our body (16).

Pigeon - i ignore all laws of capitalization unless its a name or smth
and most punctuation, which Evan hates
autocorrect may help with that a bit
i also use abbreviations a lot more than Evan
and use the enter button a lot, as you can tell
i use they/aer/tea pronouns mostly
but i don't usually care, just don't use she pronouns when referring to me
im some sort of avian therian
im the reason for most of our wing shifts
but Evans DaveSprite kintype also causes some of that
also questioning a wolf theriotype
i dont have any fictionkintypes but i am otherkin
specifically fallen angel
i dont really know my role in the system yet
but age wise im pretty sure im 19 or 20, physically in the innerworld at least
but as the outerworld body age is 16, we use our legal birthday for social media and websites in general
which is annoying sometimes but meh, i dont really care

Frisk -
[Will be updated when Frisk fronts, but we'll type some basics for now:
Frisk favors They/Xey pronouns and is a Ram therian. They're an introject of Frisk from Undertale and another person, we don't know who the other person is, xey haven't told us yet. They're an age slider within ages 8-15ish we think. They're extremely Autistic, as well as Pigeon and I, and xey don't really like loud noises. They LOVE emoticons and emojis when typing so you might see more of those around, way more than you typically see Pigeon or I use.]

We're all also Autistic and love to make art. Feel free to ask us questions!
2022-06-03 17:03
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Professional Pirate
Kintype: Lupine & Feline
Otherkin: Yes
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RE: /|-Wassup-|\
Welcome and glad to see you made it over here. Wink

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, The Dresden Files
2022-06-04 15:04
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