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Unheeded (a poem)
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Medical Lab Technology (MLT) student at MedTech College (Greenwood), hoping to eventually specialize in neonatology.
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Unheeded (a poem)
I am the heart beating among the stone statues, the warmth among the ice, the music among the silent.

My heart sings out to the stars and to their Maker, and yet I go unheard.

I speak the words no one else dares to utter, and yet again I go unheard.

I softly comfort and speak the wisdom of the ages, and yet again I go unheard.

I weep for them and warn them, and yet again I go unheard.

I tell them of the final trials, the End that is to soon be upon them, and yet again I go unheard.

Perhaps on that Day, when my sword speaks for me, they will hear and understand.

For on that day...I will be silent.

"There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

dunno who said this, but i thought it was cool
2008-08-19 13:20
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