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Types of wings
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Types of wings
I'm curious to see what other angels, fallen angels, celestials, etc. have to say about their wings. I feel as though we don't all see ours as the same.

For example, our fallen angel, seraph, has wings that are embedded into their back by spikes and knives and sharp fixtures, as they are falling out. They are withering, but still beautiful- iridescent feathers that flake away and turn into ash when touched.

We feel them "pop" out when our angel does something to protect us. Often they cause pain, probably just because the muscles in that area on our body are very damaged due to natural causes.

Toward their lower sets of wings, their feathers darken, and become black, and shine with deep red iridescence all the way toward the bottom. The bottom wings hurt the least/are the least intrusive. Altogether, they have 3 sets, 6 total.

multiple system of 20±.
we are hyakkimaru, dib, gutts, jeremy, seraph, hoxton, and more.

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2021-04-27 23:32
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Syraphin Faelad
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RE: Types of wings
One of us often is seen with wings. He has mechanical wings that extend from his sholders but they can be removed.
I think syra to had wings at one point made of fire. When they thought they might be a phonex.
- Boi
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2021-04-28 15:07
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RE: Types of wings
As an astral dragon, I suppose that makes me a celestial being. My wings are not unlike the typical western dragon iconic "bat wing" shape. They are however, like the rest of my form, ethereal in nature.

My wings are variant in tangibility and transparency. They can go from being ghostly to a more solid state in both feeling and appearance. The more ghostly, the more you can see the cosmos shimmering through them, which is the most common form they take. It is rare that they take a solid state.

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2021-04-29 14:37
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