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Thrilled to be here again!
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Thrilled to be here again!
Hello there! It has been a long time since I've visited this forum, and I'm pleased to say that I'm here to help breathe some new life into it as a moderator. ^ ^ Can't wait to see what other faces pop up, old and new!

Excitement aside, here's a brief intro so you can get to know us!

About Us
My collective name is Asher! You may refer to us as Ash as well. ^ ^ We are a Dissociative Identity Disorder system of 14 at the time of writing, comprised of many alterhuman, otherkin, and nonhuman members.

We are 28 years old physically, transgender and intersex. On the whole we use they and he pronouns, though anything works. While each member of our system has their individual likes, dislikes and hobbies, on the whole we collectively enjoy practicing witchcraft.

We are a hedgewitch--and a bit of a psychonaut--and our craft is chaotic, and a blend of many philosophies and practices that call out to us, including animism, buddhism, Druidry, celtic paganism, Shinto, and more. We work with Santa Muerte, Dionysus, and Inari. We are also a healer, as well as an herbalist, and a hearth-and-home witch. We love cooking and baking, and often incorporate our magic into our meals.

We also enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible, and are general nature enthusiasts. We enjoy geocaching, urbex, hiking, rockhounding, and exploring the desert, and woods. Sometimes we simply sit and watch and listen to the trees and the animals around us with no explicit purpose. Not a hobby necessarily, but one of our favorite meditative activities.

We also enjoy horror, and 'creepy' things- true crime, paranormal findings, unsolved mysteries, rabbitholes... we seem to enjoy things with macabre themes. We love collections of creepy videos on YouTube, we can't get enough of them. One of our favorite YouTubers in this genre is Shrouded Hand- if you know him, his brand of content is exactly what we adore.

We are also freelance artists- we have been running our own freelance art business since 2014. We are writers as well, and have plans to start an educational YouTube channel, where we spread information and awareness about schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and disabled rights and activism.

As mentioned above, we are also schizophrenic as well as dissociative, and have many physical disabilities like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affect our every day life. We use a wheelchair and cane. We are very visibly disabled and as such, are very passionate about helping people understand our experiences, and breaking down the stigmas that surround visibly disabled people, and mobility aids.

Our Otherkinness
We have been a part of the otherkin community since 2011. When we first joined, we were not aware of our plurality- rather, our host at the time was questioning being an elf. We made our way through all kinds of sites and resources- this one included!- and spent a long time figuring ourselves out. Our professional diagnosis of DID in 2017 did help us straighten out that we are a collective of people, not just one, so that aided in each of us figuring out our identities.

Speaking as the alter Asher, my personal journey lead me to discover that I am Equine; a wild horse, most closely matching a Knabstrupper/Appaloosa horse, and unicorn, and I identify very closely with other mythological equines, like pegasi. More recently, I discovered that I am also plantkin, specifically, Datura stramonium. When we refer to ourselves on the whole as Asher, we are refering to these 'types as well.

I experience near constant mental shifting- I find that as the days go on, I am more and more frequently shifted into my plant and equine mindset. It is hard to describe in short form without blathering on, but I find that I struggle to think like a human most days... my headspace is definitely that of a plant, not a human's. I also experience very frequent, if not constant phantom limb sensations, depending on which shift is stronger at the moment. I almost always feel as though my legs are on "backwards" - my knees and ankles have always felt incredibly wrong. I also am near constantly experiencing my phantom ears as well.

Each of our members have their individual identities, but myself as the individual alter, and our collective system identity refers to these kintypes and theriotype.

Our system also contains a fallen angel, a kitsune shapeshifter demon & flower phytanthrope, an oni, a reaper/psychopomp, several fictional introjects, and a few other nonhuman beings. Each of them are glad to share their experiences around the forum.

We are excited to get to meet everyone, and to be able to share our knowledge and experience from our time in the community. Our years of introspection and questioning have lead us down many different roads, and have given us a lot of valuable experience. We have met so many wonderful 'kin, and are excited to meet many more.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

multiple system of 20±.
we are hyakkimaru, dib, gutts, jeremy, seraph, hoxton, and more.

[Image: QnHghY0m.png]
2021-04-24 3:34
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Syraphin Faelad
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RE: Thrilled to be here again!
Hi it's nice to hear about you, I'm syra.
If you dont mind me asking. What is the mind set of a plant?
(This post was last modified: 2021-04-24 21:50 by Syraphin Faelad.)
2021-04-24 21:49
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