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The Dancing Fox
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The Dancing Fox
Rated PG 13 for suggestivness... critique welcome.

The Dancing Fox

A concept captured in perfect motion
as she dances round the page.
Everlasting glory in her footsteps
as unspoken words engage.

Movement made into communication.
No words bound to sentence brought
small relation of the hidden message.
In the voice alone does rot.

Bending, bounding, binding in the daylight,
no one knows the steps so well.
As they all wait they wonder if the sight
of stillness in steps will quell…

“Let your foul feelings come to fruition.
They’ll roll off my curvy form.
Act upon your feral intuition,
But your ache will find no home...”

No pen licks the paper as she motions
for her captured slaves to turn.
She plays with all their fragile emotions
as she lets their false hopes burn.

The dance goes on as the stumble over
double meaning majesty.
She keeps her heart hidden for a lover
as he hides triumphantly:

Smiling, stalking, silent in the moonlight.
No one knows her quite as well.
He’s as bound as she is to the calm fight,
As they do their dance in hell…

“Let your foul feelings come to fruition.
Your breath lingers on my skin.
Act upon this dubious condition,
But my soul you’ll never win…”

- Weavy ( oh snap!)
The space between two horizons...
2008-01-17 17:25
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