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Kintype: Leshy/Plant Person
Otherkin: Yes
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Heyyo! I’m Dak and if we’re friends you can call me Sprout!
I’m a minor and a binary trans man!
Pronouns: He/it
The most accurate way to describe my kin type is Leshykin! I don’t completely identify with the Slavic lore version of my kintype so if anyone has questions, please ask!
Interests: Nature walks, animals, reading, writing, anything physical, and sfw fantasy roleplay!
Im a Hellenistic Pagan and a beginning witch with no path yet, I hope to learn more abt this too!
I’d honestly really like to connect with kintypes from different realities or dimensions!

Nice to meet ya all! I hope I did this right!<3
2022-07-21 22:28
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Kintype: Astral Dragon
Otherkin: Yes
Gender: Transmale
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RE: Sup<3
Welcome to OKP, Dak!

My name is Azaphaer, an astral dragon. I'm curious what has led you to discover yourself as a leshy. What was your awakening process like and how did you narrow it down to this kintype? What is it like being leshykin for you, do you experience any shifts?

Its really interesting to meet people with kintypes that are not so common. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and I hope you enjoy the forum!

[Image: smolazaphaerpixel.gif]
Astral Dragon ✦ Cybertronian ✦ Host of the AllSpark
Asexual ✦ He/Him ✦ Mated to Tivaran
2022-07-24 17:03
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Kintype: Lupine & Feline
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RE: Sup<3
Welcome to OKP!

I'm Elinox, the admin here and a wolf/werewolf and cat.

What is your version of a leshy like? And how does that differ from the Slavic tradition?

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, The Dresden Files
2022-07-26 13:33
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