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Spirit/??? Experiences!
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Spirit/??? Experiences!
Some of these are a little scary... LOL hope u like them?

My experiences:

Around Junior year or Senior I was at my friend Ellen's house for a sleep over. We where watching ghost stuff on tv, so on. Later on in the night around 11 I went outside to smoke a cig as my friend Ellen laid down for a nap. Around 10 mins later she comes running out of the house with one of those full wood training katana swords in her hand. Scared white, ends up a loud bang on the side of the wall woke her up. She explained to me it sounded like someone really strong rammed their shoulder into the side of her house. We looked around the yard and found no one in sight, then it took a turn for the worst. More banging, more and more as the night went on. So I called my bf who had a car and left the house.... That freaked me out. But we never saw anyone, ever....


Here is another one with the same boyfriend a few months later, ex now. I wanted to get out of my house late at night so I called him, you know he came and picked me up we parked his car on the side of a playground that had a soccer field. We talked smoked cig's blah blah, eventually we sat on the playground. Time went on and we headed back to the car because the night was cold. Suddenly my boyfriend asked me if I saw something behind one of the soccer nets. I saw it, All white floating above the ground, semi see through, human form, had a cape I believe. It gave me a horrific chill, Not friendly. The more and more we looked the more we realized it was actually there, My boyfriend started the car and we drove off quickly. halfway down the road he hit the gas hard, I asked him what happened and he told me that the thing was following us in a car going around 60mph. He saw it in the rear view mirror. We drove into a church drive way and never saw it again.


Back in Senior year of high school I was walking down the hallway on the 2nd floor, I approached a part of the hallway that took a sharp left. I swear I saw a boy a little taller then me (i'm 5"2 atm). He was wearing a while shirt, and red shorts. A hat too, (Hats our allowed in our school because it was an alternative school who was not worried about gangs so on) Something weird, I could not see his body in a sense. Could not tell his skin color or hair or anything else. When I turned the corner there was no one in site, anywhere. I did a full 360 to check, there was also no where for him to go.


This one is... well scared me pretty bad. Ok different boyfriend from before, the one I'm with now. I was about to go to sleep, and he was already asleep. We where in our bedroom in his mother's old apartment when I saw a weird shadow being projected onto the walls from the window that I had never seen before. At first I thought it was a branch from a tree, the shadow seemed to shrink slowly. It came to my realization in horror.... it was a arm... it twitched........ I could not see anything in the window itself. by the end of the shrinking... it just poofed.... urg. that one got me good.


This isn't scary but it was AWESOME!!! I saw orbs! SPIRIT ORBS. Me and my current boyfriend where in the same apartment mentioned before. I was laying with my head on his arm... when suddenly I saw a blue light from his arm pit... ironic! When I looked it was gone, suddenly we started to see blue whisps, whisping across the room. I was amazed.... there was also one red-ish pink on we saw. That was awesome!!!!v <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->


This one I'm still confused about, back in the 2nd apartment my boyfriends mother owned. We lived in the basement, and since he's a gamer of course he has a LCD HD TV. Randomly out of the blue all the sound from his game would stop and a loud ear pounding static noise would shriek from the tv... I swear I could hear voices in it, never could understand them... White noise can do scary things... O_e

Boyfriends experiences:

My current boyfriend was outside taking stuff to the burn barrel on his fathers old farm. After he dumped the stuff in the burn barrel he felt like he was being watched. He heard large footsteps, he ran and every time he turned around to look it stopped moving, there was no other noise around him... dead silent. When he reached the houses outside light the thing seemed to "disappear."


My current boyfriend was driving a four wheeler and slid off the road because some farmer left gravel on the road. He fell into a ditch with the four wheeler ontop of him. When he woke up the four wheeler was out of the hole on all four wheels. He didn't feel pain, he felt fine. Later on we found out it actually screwed up his back. Dx


My current boyfriend when he lived with his father and his stepmother with his little brother. Where well hurt one night and they left home, ended up in a corn field. Not being able to find the way out, my boyfriend saw a blue slight lining the snow but his little brother could not see it. He followed the light and found a house, knocked on the door and a women opened the door. The house behind her was so bright they could not see anything in it, the women heard the story and drove them to their mother's house. When they reached the door they turned around to thank her but her and the car where gone. Poof. A few days later when they where picked up they drove past the house again to see it was all bored up and abandoned... No joke. When they saw it the first time the house looked brand new.


If I remember any more I will post them! thought I should post these so you guys could read/enjoy these stories. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them.
These are real, not some story... just incase some one says there fake... you know some people do that. <!-- s:x --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mad.gif" alt=":x" title="Mad" /><!-- s:x -->
If you wish to share your experinces with us (me / bf) go ahead and post them!
2012-05-10 17:16
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