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Sketchtember 2021
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Sketchtember 2021
Hey everyone,

This September, OKP and TG are holding a fun event for you to show us your skills and creativity!

This is called Sketchtember, and what happens here is that you can create some art each day and send it in on this thread! This doesn’t just mean drawings- you can use paint, write a song, poem or story, or just anything! Whatever you like to create!

The event will run from the 1st to the 31st of September, and for each day that you draw some art you will get some points tallied up for the total. Please don’t feel pressured to draw just for the points, this event is about showing your creativity and style!

You can also submit works-in-progress, don’t feel pressured to create a whole new piece each day!

@Zefer Nezumi will be helping me log down people’s names on this spreadsheet, but if we get anything wrong feel free to tell us and we’ll edit it accordingly! Here’s a link to Zefer’s post on TG.


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