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I know this applies to many fae entities in general, but I'm curious to hear about fae shapeshifters, as I think I had an experience with one in a rather cursed place once and I'm not quite sure if it matches up with any more archetypal fae sorts, or if she was just her own thing.

I don't know how I 'know' she was fae, that was just the vibe I got. She appeared as young woman, standing being a glass pane door. She would move around as I walked closer to her, her appearance distorting in some cracks and imperfections in the glass, giving her a very unsettling appearance. As I got closer she actually got clearer to see. She was extremely unnerving... Once I reached the end of the hallway with my partner she did end up vanishing, but she was very determined to let me know she was still there. When I turned around while walking back, I caught glimpses of her.

She had a small child with her as well that was also behind the glass and peering at us.

Don't know what to make of her!

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2021-05-07 16:07
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