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Reapers/ Angels of Death/ Gods of Death
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Reapers/ Angels of Death/ Gods of Death
What are your beliefs on reapers/ angels of death/ gods of death?

Could this be a kintype? I haven't seen anyone list this yet, but I feel close to it for a lot of personal reasons. Even though that's not necessarily a good thing.

How I grew up, the common idea is that angels of death are real beings & each human has their own personal one just for them (although there's also one main leader of sorts). They're not considered evil at all, just doing their job. The common idea is that there's no standard way they look & that they way they look depends on the person (whether the same angle changes based on whos looking or if each angel's look has to do with the person they're assigned to, I don't know).

For some background on angels in general where I'm from, the common idea is they physically cannot disobey God (& are unable to WANT to disobey God), they're a separate creature than humans & thus a human cannot "become" an angel or vise versa, & to sum it up they tend to look a lot scarier than the "human with wings" thing.

But this creature/being isn't specific to any religion. Something like this is found across cultures. Off the top of my head, I can think of:
*Anubis (also Maat & Osiris & probably others)- Egyptian
*Cheron (could put Hades here too)- Greek
*Valkyries- Norse
*Xolotl- Aztec
*Azrael- Christianity & Islam
*Naziat (type of angel)- Islam
*Alebrijes- Mexican
*Shingiami- Japanese
*Grim Reaper(s)- modern culture/ pop culture
* & I know there are tons more that I'm either forgetting or don't know the name of (also please let me know if any of these are wrong, these are all just off the top of my head)

There are differences in names, what they look like, whether they're angles or gods or something else, whether there's more than one, but the main idea is pretty consistent. The umbrella term for this is psychopomp- a supernatural being that guides the souls of the dead. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopomp

I'd love to hear if anybody believes in any of these (or all of them). Do you think a conscious being guides the souls of the dead, or is the reaper more like the "essence" of death itself? And I'd definitely love to hear from you if you consider this your kintype.

(If anyone's curious what my PFP is, I had a dream I saw mother nature once & she looked like this.)
2022-11-21 21:15
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